Papi Restaurant

1F, 373 Mentmore Terrace, London
07405 099952

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The server was really pushy and interrupted my friend and I a lot and tried to make us order more than we wanted.The food was pretty average, way overpriced for what you get.I would not recommend this place. It has a nice atmosphere but you could find much better places to go around and get better value for money

Xyxyxy._.j K


Nicolette Roses-Agoro

Love this restaurant + their hidden bar downstairs. Amazing food, service and drinks.

Omar Hamaoui

Great wines (predominantly Monrovia based wines but not limited to the well known regions) food is brilliant and fun! Sunday 2/3 course menu is ridiculous value for money , great service and lovely staff , come here don’t go whytes

Philippa Cooke

This was a great meal, each dish perfectly executed and reached their high point effortlessly. The tartare was sublime, the asparagus had the perfect crunch, the chips crispy and piping hot, and kept their crisp. The pork was juicy and all the green leaves were bang full of flavour. The wines by the glass were very nice. The cocktails yum. Finally the best Basque Cheesecake ever!All in all a very good meal and lovely service. Only thing of note, be careful on ordering extras as the price did crap up a bit unexpectedly.N.B. The basement has a bar. The kitchen has a great display of fermented veg.

Malina G


Luminita Botosanu

Superb!!! We wanted to eat Romanian. This restaurant La Papy Leyton took my breath awayExcellent food, excellent service, excellent drink, pleasant atmosphereIt was fascinatingBeyond the limit of expectations!!!My dears, I recommend you with all seriousness

M.A. Lux

We tried a few things. Did nor feel was up to expectations or prices.Weeks before we tried the cocktail bar downstairs and felt the same.

Teddy Chewy

Inaccessible - only one bathroom that’s down the stairs. Overpriced - undelivered but decent service. Food was meh - vibes meh - service was good though. Nothing we had was memorable expect for the fact they didn’t have a few wines so had to pay £30+ for a meh bottle. Unless you got money to burn - would not

Emilios Farrington-Arnas

Totally blown away by Papi! Great vibe when you enter, music was fun and it was intimate but not small. Service was speedy and everyone there is super nice. Incredible food, I know the menu changes but every dish definitely hit a solid 10/10. We sat by the chefs table, and the chefs there were very friendly and helpful, answered our all questions and generally good vibes. You gotta go, will be recommending Papi to everyone.


A bit scrappy, but the food has personality. Prawns in cabbage out of this world. As a steak tartare lover, I was fighting off my dining companion to eat the entire plate. Would definitely come back.

Matt Carr

Cool space, interesting menu. Tamworth collar was unreal ?

Kean Hughes

Charged £80 via Resy for a table of 4 when cancelled 21 hours in advance for a Friday lunch.Have been in touch with Resy and it is up to the restaurant’s discretion whether to charge or not given this was essentially 24 hours before the booking. This has never happened to me before and I have used Resy regularly. Just seems dishonest and scheming to me.The restaurant has no means of contacting them as their phone number goes to voicemail (no email address etc).Happy to remove this review when refunded.

Hyunho Kim

Amzaing food, fantastic service. Everything was above and beyond.The pork dish is one of the best I've ever had. Just the best.

gabriela barcia

Delicious food. Incredible atmosphere. The chefs are so charming and friendly. George is an absolute star. Cooking up a storm. Could not recommend more xxxx love u George xo

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