Riverside Terrace Cafe.

Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London
020 7620 0426

Recent Reviews

A Canadian in London

Great location (very convenient with nice view) but suffers from poorly trained staff. I ordered a turmeric latte and they appear to have dumped in a full spoonful of turmeric powder, so it was powdery with un-dissolved spice, and the smell and flavour of turmeric powder was overwhelming. It was absolutely undrinkable, almost gag-inducing. Gaak!

Robin Grey

I used to be a regular visitor to the Festival Hall and it’s cafe pre pandemic and went fo a coffee at this cafe yesterday. I was really disappointed in the attitude- I decided to have one of the special offer coffee with a pastry deals which ended at midday. When I asked for it about 12.13 I was told that “the deal had finished” as it was past 12. The manager was rude and blunt and when I pointed out that the notices as still up for it after 12 she said it had “finished” I found this really rude and unhelpful. Please be kinder to your customers in this era when we are probably facing a recession soon and people have been struggling.

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