Vinoteca Chiswick

18 Devonshire Rd, Chiswick, London
020 3701 8822

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Vincenzo Masci

Great experience, amazing wine options, very professional staff.

Like exploring

Tasty food and great wine selection. Will definitely be back


I have been here a few times already and the food is always delicious. Of course the most impressive part is the wine selection, they have a large variety from everywhere and are very helpful for


Chicken was great but the Gnocchi was no good (different sizes and shapes so they cook at different times and too dry). I’d come back and order British cuisine inspired dishes

Tess L

Food is okay but service really slow

Matthew Wray

Great place for a glass of wine.

Jon Frank

We live locally and have been going there every 3 months or so for the last few years. Got to admit, last couple of visits, including last week, have been really poor. Current menu is not great but execution is very bad. Bavette was almost inedible - meat was so "chewy". Not sure why but has gone into decline. I know some of my neighbours agree. Hope you can turn it around.Edit Jan 24. Well, they didn't turn it around and the chain was bought out of administration a few months ago. Tried it again a few days ago. Service was great and the place is nice enough but food still very average. A cold beef pate was an ok starter, but my lemon pasta was a weird idea which didn't work and my partners pork belly was just picked at. Mains come pretty naked so you need one or two sidess. A slice of chocolate cake out of the fridge was ok but uninspired.New owners haven't really changed things. £100 to share a starter, 2 mains, a side, share a dessert and bottle of house red. Nice bread though.Not a destination place and Rock and Rose or the ever reliable Cote offer better value or quality. Sorry.


Lovely menu and wine list but staff seem to think if you’re on your own you don’t need to be told about the deals/offers that night or even approach you to ask if you would like anything else. The staff huddle in the back of the restaurant by the kitchen and tills and rarely appear where all their customers are seated. I would’ve ordered another glass of wine and some food once the kitchen had opened at 6 (I’d arrived at 5ish) but I wasn’t asked if I wanted anything past half 5. However a couple were seated near me and told about all the different options etc.

Paola Moscardi

The food was so good I did take a pic. Good food, nice atmosphere, the guys that helped is were both kind and funny, great price. Highly

Colum Begley

Nice casual atmosphere, small plates all a hit. While I realise the restaurant aims to feature less traditional pairings, a Chablis or Petit Chablis by the glass would be welcome.

Magnus Williams

We hosted an event for c. 35 people at Vinoteca Chiswick, and it was sensational - we couldn't possibly have asked for more. The service was impeccable - incredibly friendly and helpful. The food was absolutely delicious (seasonal, interesting and very tasty dishes,) and (unsurprisingly) a great selection of wine. Highly, highly recommend to all.

lizzie ogrady

Amazing food, service and wine. Go with the paired wines with your food choices...such a great experience. Priced really well for the quality of food. And if you go with buying bottles to take away, they are half of what they are on the menu.


Have loved Vinoteca over the years so it really pains me to write this. We visited recently and the restaurant was a let down in terms of food and service. Food was under seasoned and in one case had to be sent back as not fully cooked. The service was very lax, with Staff not paying attention to customers and spending significant amount of times in the back talking to one another whilst customers waited to be seen. I raised this with member of staff and he just shrugged his shoulders and walked off mid sentence. I do hope management review the situation as would love to see the restaurant back on top form.

Ben Stephens

A great little neighbourhood restaurant. A great menu which is wonderful value, hard to find these days. Cracking service from charming front of house. And you can’t make a bad choice from the wine list.

louise d

Vinoteca has been my favourite local restaurant for several years and how disappointing it was to see a place a shadow of its former self - the iconic dish of bavette , horseradish ,chips and watercress is now more chips ,a small amount of watercress micro leaves and creamed horseradish .Most disturbing is the quality of staff ,who would much rather chat by the kitchen then look after punters - twice people had to come to the back to ask for service and the general laisse- faire attitude to the job dilutes the once quality atmosphere .

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