Wong Kei

41-43 Wardour St, London
020 7437 8408

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I used to eat at the original Wong Kei in the early 1980s in Rupert Court, yes the reputation for rude waiters started here. The reason being they were unskilled Haka boat labourers fresh off the boat, dreaming of golden mountain but finding the grimy reality of life as a poorly paid immigrant. Yep the plates were literally thrown down.

I was a student and went with my friends, a mix of Chinese and Malaysian, we only ever ordered a variation of duck, char sui or wonton noodles, prepared in a section by the window. They offered pickled green chillies which disappeared as soon as we sat down, yep students, anything free.

The food was excellent, back to the future, the food is bang average to poor. I tried the duck char sui rice, not good. If I go now I usually have the mixed meat ho fun dry, it's seems the sensible choice of several diners when I was there last, at around 11gbp lts cheap for london. I'm in Belgrade at the moment, you can eat the same standard fare, barely recognisable as Chinese for 5gbp.

London in Chinatown is very expensive compared to back in the day or even 10 years ago, when you could get a decent duck over rice for 5gbp and an excellent lai tong, clear soup of the day made from pork bones. Now if you want lai tong it's 5gbp.

I notice in California restaurant chains closing down due to minimum wage issues, I'm glad I had the pleasure of the 80s good luck to future generations, you're gonna need it.

Lisa Winter

Absolutely heartbreaking ? to write this review. I have been loyal and always came to Wong Kei for 40 years and for the past 10 years I have started noticing the rudeness of the staff but nothing compared to the rudeness of one waitress with short dark blondish bobbed hair, roughly in her mid 50's-60 years old, on Thursday 20th June at about 10.30pm. We had just finished watching a show and were starving, so thought we would go on my birthday to my favourite Wong Kei. My husband and I got shown to our table opposite the toilets and as soon as we sat down, the waitress I mentioned wanted to know what we wanted, didn't even give us a chance to look at the menu. I said my husband is looking and the waitress replied "we're closing soon" in an annoyed tone, walked off then kept pacing around our table basically to say hurry up and order. My husband felt rushed, felt like he couldn't look at the menu and just said "I'll have what you're having" She took our order, then came back not even a minute later and said "you're not ordering anymore food" then walked off. The closing time for Wong Kei is 11.30pm so we had an hour before closing time. Noodles arrived very quick but was basically thrown at us. My favourite meal was salty and lacked any other flavour. The waitress was pacing up and down by our table again basically to hurry us up. After we finished which was 20mins later, we couldn't wait to leave, waitress cleared our table literally as soon as we put our chopsticks down. First time ever we have given no tip and we have never experienced such rudeness. With Chinatown filled with lots of restaurants, Wong Kei's staff need to learn to be alot more respectful to it's customers because after that, I'm never coming back here and I will give my money to a restaurant more deserving.

Bisse Care

Is the worse place that I ever been, my dish was full of peppers and the staff is working hallways under pressure rushing the clients to order, the waitress was bleeding on the neck I hope the police visit this place I will make the report

Steven LIN

Their food is so bad that they don't want to eat it
No service at all. Very expensive and cash only.
Don't go to this store to spend money

Drew Longell

Probably the worst food I've eaten at a restaurant EVER.
waitress extremely rude food was awful after a long day of not eating this was disappointing do not come here better off going to the 50 other restaurants around here

Chun Chi Lo

I tried to brought my mom there and there was a waiter who pointed an empty table. But when we entered the restaurant, we were told to “wait here” for 3 times at different points. They did the same even when we are trying to leave.

Wari Phattharawat

its cheap, its good food. the service is intentionally like that. are any of you in on the joke?

Catarina Moura

Super unfriendly and unhelpful staff. The food was quite bad - surprisingly greasy and bland at the same time. Would not recommend.


Check your take aways before leaving the restaurant!

When you buy takeaways you don’t open the box to inspect it, right? You assume that what you ordered is in the box. Not the case here! I ordered takeaway Fried Hofun with Beef (No. 129). When collecting I repeated my order and was given a box with confirmation. I didn’t even think to check it. When I got home and opened the box, it was fried hofun no meat. I am not complaining that the amount of meat was small, there were no signs of beef at all. The Chef just forgot to add beef. What a disappointment! Lesson learned- next time I will need to open the box before leaving the restaurant!

Chiara Reyland (C Reyland)

Unfortunately didn’t get to eat! Went as a group one three wanting to taste some food and get a light meal but we were told each person on the table needs to order a dish. We weren’t hungry enough to order so much. We would have been fine with their rule but it was the attitude they had towards us from the moment we got in that really made us feel unhappy. When we were ready to order, we ordered one dish for two people and the server questioned us by saying “are you joking, 1 for 3 person?”. Then, they made comments to each other about us not ordering enough food in Mandarin and Cantonese that they thought we didn’t understand but we are multilingual people?. Just an upsetting experience!

Lucas Lima

Worst restaurant in Chinatown. Bad tempered employees, terrible service and they only accept cash. My recommendation: don't go

John Williams

Great food
Sadly staff polite now unlike the old days
Fast food and tasty

Ob1 kenobie

Had a great time. Walk past all the other restaurants that look posh and head here to have the best food. Definitely recommend.

yesi Gonzalez

If you are in Chinatown this is the restaurant you can't miss, everything is very delicious. But try to carry cash ?


Biggest recommendation ever.

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