Chew's Yard

103-111 Market St W, Preston

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Laura Smith

First time visiting here on Father's day, amazing place, food is fantastic and service from staff about daughter's needs regarding food were great. Will absolutely be returning!

Robert Kirkham

Fantastic hidden gem

Sally Wallace

Loved this new place in town. In a previously unloved part of Preston, where Preston Playhouse is, Chew's Yard is a new bar and street food establishment. It has a very industrial look with communal type bench seating inside and also plenty of seating outside. All the food we tried was delicious - even the vegan doner kebab meal! ??. Sorry all vegans. It's proven how much vegetarian and vegan food has improved in the last few years. The Korean place served a gorgeous Nasi Goreng layered with more Thai flavours. Considering Nasi Goreng is Indonesian - that might explain things. Nonetheless, absolutely delicious. My other favourite....totally not a fan of those awful deep pan pizza's, I was reluctantly persuaded by my other half, to share a really deep based pizza, based on the pizzas from Detroit. We selected the Big Joe and warned it was very hot. Now we love spicy food, but acted with caution by asking for half the chillies and the chilli jam to be served on the side. Boy, was it spicy! We ended up picking more of the chillies out, so that we could enjoy it. I like spice, but not to the point, where you can't taste anything because your mouth is numb! Having said that, it had to be one of the most moreish pizzas I've ever had and I would highly recommend it. But beware! Also they are super filling. Neither of us would have managed one on its own. They're not particularly cheap at £15, but if you're sharing one, it's a bargain. I even took some home for lunch the next day. There are lots of events online, like the weekly quiz which you can book online, where you can book the other events. A chess club meets there weekly, live music weekly and many more. It's a real hubbub of entertainment. There is one problem though. When we were there, there were only the 2 inside bars serving, and so they were quite busy, especially the one serving beer, cider, spirits and cocktails. The other bar specifically served local gin and specialist cocktails. I was disappointed with my cocktail from the busier bar. It had a list of special cocktails, but it said they could also make the classic cocktails for you too. I asked for a margarita. The rim wasn't salted and I wasn't asked if I wanted it salted. And the cocktail was pretty lacklustre and didn't have the right balance of ingredients. Even though they were busy, they should still take care of how they are serving their cocktails, especially when 4 mouthfuls costs £11!! I begrudge paying that sort of money for an under par drink. That same bat that sold the variety of drinks, my other half was not impressed with the limited choice of beers, particularly the real ales and craft beers. In fact he was very disappointed. Now, all the bars are independent of the yard and renting the units from the owner. There was a bar outside, but apparently they'd just not turned up the first time we went, and it was a lovely sunny day - they could have made a killing. Unless they're not ready for their bar to open, or couldn't staff it. I don't know, but it was a massive missed opportunity. We don't get many sunny weekends a year! Three of the people involved in establishing this new venue actually approached me on 2 different occasions. They were the 2 people featured in the magazine article, that I have posted in the photos section, and also the designer. I'm in a wheelchair and they wanted to know what I thought of the accessibility. We went outside the first time and stood on the balcony as there are steps down to the garden area. But I could have easily have gone down the side of the building or even through the private area, where there was a salsa band playing. I was quite happy sat up there, with my drink, chatting and people watching! They have accessible toilets, but I didn't use them either time, so I can't report on them. Overall, next time I'm in town for a drink, even though it's not right in the centre, so a bit of a push, it's the first place I will be heading to. I just lov

franceska kaluznyj

Not tried the food yet but great venue

Kin23 P

Tamp Po was absolutely delicious, we had the curry with sweetcorn fritters, beautiful.


Something a bit different for Preston.
Got 2 Guns pizza. 1 pizza and 1 portion of waffle fries was enough for two of us.
Will definitely be going back.


What a fantastic place this is in Preston, a huge space both inside and large outside areas with lots of seating, great music and vibes and dog friendly. Food vendors suit every possible taste and we specifically visited for the vegan kebabs and loaded fries from Seitanic (being vegan it would be rude not too). Jordan makes the most incredible seitan which he serves as a kebab or loaded fries and oh wow it exceeded expectations, it was banging. We loved the whole concept of Chews Yard and will definitely revisit. We don't live in Preston but we can easily get the bus and so will be back very soon.

Stuart Keech

Visited for the first time last night for a pint and some takeaway food. What a fantastic set up! Will definitely be back for some day drinking/eating and music!

Parking: Council pay and display car park opposite

Aran Bailey

The food was delicious we had Pizza and Chilli Jam tots, it was all made with fresh ingredients. The food was a bit expensive the tots were £6 and the pizza £15 and £6 for a can of coke and a coffee but for a one off it was worth it. There were a few leaks in the roof and people were getting dropped on but other than that it was what you'd expect from a social eating establishment

Mike Miller

Lively food and drinks hall, great for all the family. A guitar-playing singer belted out a set of familiar songs and had everyone joining in. Great atmosphere!

Karen Dickinson

Fabulous quirky surroundings, the whole place has a lovely atmosphere & carm, will deffo be back ?

Jane Axell

We went on the summer opening night of Chew's Yard. It was a sunny evening and the salsa band Samba Esprito were playing - lively and entertaining. There was also a good girl singer and guitarist. We are the vegan donner kebab from Seitanic - incredible. Just like a meat donner kebab without the meat! Rustic with indoor and outdoor seating, broken up with lots of greenery, a place I'd heartily recommend.

Judi Warren

First of all just a heads up, this place is card only, my partner and a friend of ours only tend to carry cash on a night out, luckily I had my card on me. Only one negative, my partner asked for Cider and Black for me, they had no Blackcurrant so I asked the barman what sort of cider they have, he said Apple of course, he then apologised and said they were busy so hence rushing me, not good. Rest of bar staff were lovely, nice place, good food will definitely go back.

Paul Eyre

Fantastic addition to

Laura Fraser

Different to the rest of Preston. I was loving it as a first timer: great food, drinks and music. Such a great vibe of a place to go.Annoyingly, we had to start drinking up about 9pm, even though all other information communicated 11pm for when it closed. We only got there about 8 so were not able to stay there long despite what was advertised. This was the downside.

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