Fat Teds Streat Food

Barchams Yard, Sheringham
07724 576419

Recent Reviews

Philip James

Food is pretty good.

Paul Cinnamon

Great value and very different. A must visit - helps if the sun is shining as have to eat there and then as no dining facilities - the promenade does just nicely! Back for our umpteenth visit; halloumi wraps, salad box, chicken nuggets, halloumi fries - top notch! Super trusted trader as notes stuck together and handed over £50 rather than £30 and on collection handed me back £20 - so appreciated! Will be back!! And we are - best lunch!

Suzanna Severn

We took two portions of their loaded fries - I had veggie, he had meaty.
The basil mayo is surprising tasty!

Vegetarian options: The menu as a whole is fairly streamlined, same different mix of topping with a different carb, like fries or wrap. One main veggie option but very nice indeed!

Barney Valentine

The chicken was crunchy and delicious! The dips were lovely. The burger was amazing. A beautiful selection of Street food. I'll go again when I'm in the area. It was about a 15-20 minute wait for the food, and benches nearby to sit and eat. :)


Cheap, tasty and friendly atmosphere. Will be returning soon

Austin F

The food here is some of, if not the best food in Sherringham. I come here every time I visit Sherringham and not once has this place disappointed. Book in advance online and you will have no issues. The place is small and they work really hard fufulling orders but as it's so popular expect to wait if you haven't booked. Fat Ted's is excellent and I will be a returning customer for as long as they stay in Sherringham. It really is as good as everyone says it is!

Charlotte Ives

Delicious and the dirty fries are a generous portion. Cater for vegans too. ??Would recommend to visitors of Sheringham.

Joanne Cannon

Really unfriendly and bad customer service. We live locally and used a few times. Wouldn’t recommend

Zoubin Ghahramani

Loved the dirty fries


Smiles... Smiles were found all around at Fat Ted's little shack. Smiles from the friendly staff and upon my, and my son's, faces. My 9-year-old son wanted a simple chicken nuggets meal, as he could not fully grasp the culinary heresy that Fat Ted's menu was claiming to provide. I, on the other hand, knew that this could be the dirtiest of fries... dirty and tasty. I went with some chicken, garlic and chipotle sauces, and massive hunger.

They did not disappoint! My son couldn't stop chowing on the nuggets. The chips must have some sort of dark magic because they were some of the best cooked chips I've ever had from a shack. How do you take simple potatoes, place them in oil that burns hotter than napalm in July, and fry them to a golden crunch outside like that? I have no idea, but never stop. NEVER, EVER, STOP! The bountiful additions of chicken, sauce, onions, and desire? Well, that is just a bonus for your tongue to experience.

Yeah, it was good. It was better than good. It was the kind of food that will make you fat, and you better believe you'll enjoy the journey getting to that fatness. Fat Ted's, you are a danger to scales everywhere. Continue your flavorful assault upon the masses!

Kid-friendliness: They have a simple chicken nugget and fries meal. My son devoured his nuggets.

Richard Flood

I stayed near Sheringham and once I tried Fat Ted's I was back every day ??
The food was so nice I didn't even have time to take a photo of it but trust me this was the best food I tasted all week to you must try it

Mark Cox

Food was very nice and different that's why we tried them....can get busy..so there may be a slight wait...but worth it..

Kimberley Yardley

Really great food, something a bit different, great flavours . Kids adore the chicken nuggets so much.. have to order double portions !Lovely staff tooKid-friendliness: Nuggets are awesome...

OH Holland

The street food is always spot on and always looks and tastes delicious!

Olya Voronkova

I would say the secret of excellent street food experience here is that all the ingredients are very fresh and taste scrumptiously homemade.

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