Jude The Obscure

54 Walton St, Oxford
01865 557309

Recent Reviews

Mason Kelley

Friendly team and delicious food. Will be returning!!. Enjoyed my time here. Thanks team

Erin Irons

great food, great atmosphere, large range of beer, definitely going again!

thePilots UK

Went with my partner for drinks and a social gathering with a couple of friends, the staff were very accommodating, the range of beers was plentiful and the food was great. Would definitely recommend.

bethany hurley

great british pub with a lively atmosphere. the sticky chicken here is phenomenal, i didn't know you could make chicken melt in your mouth while still being crispy. i make a point to seek out the jude when ever i'm in the area (and sometimes when i'm not!) just to grab a bowl.Wheelchair accessibility: lift access into the pub and bathrooms

Caitlin Whittaker

Fantastic pub with great food and friendly staff.Vegetarian options: There are several delicious vegetarian and vegan options on their varied menu.Dietary restrictions: The staff are well-trained in dealing with dietary restrictions.Kid-friendliness: Children are welcome until 9pm, though be aware that they can get very busy for sporting events!

James Young

Great pub, love the decor! Excellent drinks range and delicious food! What more could you want!Had a great time here with some friends, the staff were very attentive and welcoming. Will happily be back soon!

Arcram Gaming

Great pub good atmosphere and amazing staff.

Ben Joines

Great service from a friendly team.

Kaylee Griffith

Great pub, staff are so friendly and welcoming! Food is delicious and also they have a big range of none alcohol drinks!!!

Naveen Kumar

Great team specially the Trio of Kane , kally and

Sam Edwards

Lovely food and very reasonable

Andy Genovese


Colin Russell

Great pub food, quick service, nice

Michael Mclennon

Good atmosphere and good food. Good selection of beers and


Went to Jericho and I Took my mum and dad here, they loved it so much they went back again the next day !!!!- so cool and great atmosphere.

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