Little White Pig

26B Dublin St, Edinburgh
0131 556 3036

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Alexandre Clerc

Very nice bar and gorgeous cocktails!Very friendly staffService: 5/5


Really nice place to sit, nice interior and friendly.Food was real let down, very expensive for tiny portion, quality not great. Tiny portion of fries, that cost extra on top of a pretty bad and overcooked fish finger sandwich. Would stick to just drinks if we went back.Food: 2/5

Findout Yourself

Not a nice place. Go there if you want to have a drink and then continue somewhere else but anything more is ill-advised.The prices for food do not reflect the quality or portion sizes. £14 for a steak sandwich is a lot when there's a pale bun with a couple of slices of steak and very little else. Eat three for paltry £42 if you wish your hunger to be satisfied.It doesn't help that the place is totally covered with hard surfaces. It takes only three tables to have people to make this place sound noisy and crowded because of horrible acoustics.Disappointing.


I have eaten or had drinks here several times. It’s not fine dining but it has always been good for some food over drinks and I have recommended it to others several times. This time sadly the food was truly awful. Firstly the menu was very brief, far shorter than I have seen previously here, so short it was unacceptable. Haggis bonbons were cooked to a crisp and rocketed off the plate when pressed with a fork, same goes for the arranchini, likewise the burger was toast and left me unsure as to whether it was chicken or beef. We didn’t have any more. I should have complained but the staff were very pleasant and it wasn’t their fault, although I was thinking that perhaps they were doing the microwaving. And anyway, my friend and I were just there to have a few lagers and a catch up, so what could go wrong with that? The house lagers were pretty awful as well I’m afraid. I am a local, living very close to this bar and was delighted by my first few visits. This was really not good, very disappointing. What has happened guys? Is the plan to be just a bar and provide nothing but crisps? If so, you’ll also need better beers. No more recommendations from me I’m afraid.

Jordan Wardrope

Great burgers, good service. Nice atmosphere at the weekend. Booze choice was generous.Food: 5/5

Rita De Obarrio

Cute kind of hidden restaurant. Love the decor. Decent food. Friendly staff. Excellent location.Food: 5/5

Carolina Canullo

We had delicious dishes on a Wednesday evening and we were lucky to be there when there was live music. Staff are super kind, it's a little cosy place, food is excellent and the atmosphere is great! Music volume was high enough for everyone to enjoy but low enough to be able to chat.Food: 5/5

Jack Richards

Dishes a bit lacking for the price (served a £20 steak without any accompanying salad or sauce?), service was friendly and helpful but didn't check in despite it being a quiet early evening. Cocktails were delicious, definitely the highlight of the evening (on the sweet side though, so perhaps give a miss if that's not your preference).

Harriet B

Lovely lovely place for a drink, really relaxed atmosphere and personable staff. We were lucky enough to get some free pints which we really appreciated, very generous. Have previously been for a roast and it was delicious. Thanks for a lovely afternoon LWP!

Kateřina Strapinová

We had this bar just a short walk from our accommodation and it surprised us with its cozy and nice atmosphere. We were very impressed with the drinks we had, not one of them was bad. The bartender has a knack for inventing drinks. We recommend it! ????

Paul Ackerman

Such a great.evening ..great vibe with guitarist Karel Kalaf. Super friendly and efficient staff. A limited menu but everything was delicious. If we lived here it would be our local. Great posters ask about the connection to Train Spotting and In Bruges.Food: 5/5


Very friendly professional staff. It is a lovely atmospheric place.Food: 5/5


Charming, great vibe, excellent service and delicious food. Very accommodating. Will return again.

Ian M

Called in for brunch after a long train journey. Lovely friendly welcome. Simple menu but good selection of dishes. Nice level of attention shown, given space to select and then eat our meals.


One of the best meals we’ve ever had! Beautiful fresh fish and chips, perfectly cooked and very tasty. We had three small dishes: haggis, arancini, and the mackerel pate, which were delicious too. For dessert we had the delectable chocolate cake with one of their many scotch options. The very friendly staff even provided our dog with an icy bowl of water and were very patient when she spilt some. Highly recommended and we hope to return!

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