321 Penn Rd, Wolverhampton
01902 342629

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Our local shop. Always met with good service and good food. Gagan goes out her way and is very quick at preparing. Very happy with this shop and quality of food prepared.

Laura Daly

Fuming!! Was left standing at the counter half way through completing my order while the server served her friend behind me in the queue. I also had to ask her to change her gloves after taking his money off him when she tried to carry on with my orderSandwiches are never nice from there anymore, always half empty. But this service today was more shocking than usual!

mark anderson

Amazing tasting food and great service from the staff. The delivery is always quick and remains warm upon arrival. Best subway around!

Reena Sudera

Penn Subway are great. Subways are always properly filled and made. They deliver promptly and we never wait too long for our order. Staff are friendly too.

Ian-reece Sadler

Special shoutout to Gagan, she took my order close to closing made it to perfection and solved my issue with a smile (the issue being chapel ash subway)

Bandicoot B

Sandwich wasn't cut. Are your servers on the no sharps list? Dunno why all the reviews are talking about "gagging" but I fully agree. Added one star because the ingredients were between two slices of bread as requested - Even broken clocks are right twice a day.


A great subway for popping in to collect your order no seating inside as shop only small. Staff listen to orders and prepare orders quickly.

Molly McCallum

this is a TUNA salad the fact there whole point is it’s tuna and this is what they send is a joke

Andrew Terry

The food itself is fine but I'm afraid that although the staff wear plastic gloves to make the food,they also handle money while wearing the same gloves and then go back to picking up must be one of the most bacteria covered things ever...?

Poya Mehdizadeh

Subway on Penn road is the best subway I’ve been to by far. Their friendly and hard working staff know exactly how to put a killer sandwich together. 10/10

Gem Gem

Friendly staff, especially the manager Gagan. Me and my partner always recieve a warm welcome. She is polite, friendly and hard working. She always goes that extra mile to make sure you're happy. The food is great, the salad boxes are like a work of art. If she left i can honestly say i dont think we would go back. I do not agree with the negative reviews.Vegetarian options: Perfect for vegetarians

Sonia Rull

Customer service is appauling, 'Gagan' the so called Manager is rude and shouldn't be serving customers! Will not be returning

Rani Kaur

Love my salad box. I got someone to pick up last week, and no sauces were added. I went in this week and made sure sauces were added. Tasted so much better.Parking: Parking outside is difficult as one way and can't go back as on a dual carriageway.

Lakhna Gill

Had a wonderful experience. Staff are really polite. Food was tasty and with good portion size. Value for

Anthony Kendrick

Can't even make a subway...

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