Braai Shack Restaurant

42 Church St, Wolverton, Milton Keynes
01908 313838

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Edelweiss Perazzolo

Being a SAFFA I was disappointed with the breakfast. Cold, bacon was hard, fried slice too oily and hard. Coke ordered was warm - they should stock fridge in the eve. The staff were friendly but service was very slow when ordering at counter. Restaurant was clean.

Carl Williams

Great service, great food, great place. Have had a few times here always great time.

Thetruth Willsetyou-Free

Staple of wolverton. I don't even live close by anymore, but I still make the trip on occasion.

Mike Aylett

Had the pork belly and beef ribs from the van in Godalming charged me £14 for ribs that came out of a plastic pack obviously ones you get from the supermarket pork belly was ok bit burnt chips were great staff were lovely overall won't be going back next time I'll grab a few burgers and some meat from sainsbury and chuck it on the bbq myself

frankfurt oliha

FabulousThe food here is . The set up and design of the restaurant feels like you in a different country. Every detail is just perfect. I have been here multiple times introducing friends to this place and loads of them have planned dates for revisits ?.

michael newbould

As a large group we pre ordered food the day before. You would think that doing so wouldn't mean half out meet coming out tough and dry and the other half a paracetamol away from getting back out in the fields. Very disappointed overall. This was meant to be a birthday celebration and most of us are very ill this morning.

Rebekah Newbould

Here's my very in-depth review of this restaurant and why I'm so shocked to see it has such high reviews. We had a party of 12 and we pre-ordered our food the day before so baffled to why this was such a mess.1) Our server didn't crack a smile the entire time we were there, she clearly wasn't happy to be in work and it showed.2) The wait times between our courses was ridiculous. We arrived on time, the waiter came by quickly to confirm pre orders, a few side orders were added to the mains, aside from that nothing changed. We waited another 15 minutes for our drinks to arrive and then another 20 minutes for our starters to come. We thought all was going well but then an entire hour rolled by with no sign of our mains, I asked our waiter how long the food was going to be, she disappeared and we didn't see her again for a while. I then had to get up, to go ask another waiter to find our waiter and see how long the food was going to be.3) When the food arrived, two of the people ordered the chicken curry, one curry was swimming in oil, the other not. We asked the person who brought the food out if it was meant to be like that, he said yes, we then asked the waiter who said no and it got sent back.4) Our Mac and cheese was swimming in oil. I know cheese is meant to have oil in it but it was to the point you poured the dish and the oil dripped out. It was also flavourless and penne pasta and not Mac..5) My venison was lovely. I ordered it medium rare and was happy until I got about half way through and it started to get bluer and by the end of it, the poor thing was practically kicking again.6) Two people's hanging kebabs, one was edible, one was so tough that she was literally chewing it for over 5 minutes to try eat it and ended up spitting it out. She left all of it and when collecting food did the waiter ask why an entire meal was left? Nope :)7) Not sure if it's this type of food but most of the food was very overly salty.8) My husband had a platter, the majority of his food was very dry (Clearly sat under a heat lamp) he asked me to try some of his food and I was like oh this is lovely pork and then found out that was meant to be the brisket..The majority of us today aren't feeling well and I just think at an average of £35 a main course, £45+ each for the entire meal, and such a high rating, you expect so much more out of food and service but it was so so so disappointing.On a positive note, a waiter that wasn't our waiter did continuously ask throughout our 1 hour wait if we wanted more drinks and apparently out of the 12 guests at the table, the one person who had the oxtail curry said his curry was nice but it was more tail than ox.So a 1/12 ain't bad...

Colin Matcham

Bit quiet tonight, so a little lacking in atmosphere.But overall a good

Adrian Haynes

Went early before theatre so was quiet but food superb, friendly and professional staff. Will visit again, highly recommend.

Della Mcbreatley

Absolutely amazing food and great service as always. Just love going here time and time

Timothy “Tim” Reid

Amazing food, great service.


What an absolute gem, food was insanely amazing, authentic cuisine, mesmerising taste, every single thing about tonight's experience screamed Mzansi/Southern Africa....what perfection. Thank YOU for using the correct home based could teach Shaka Zulu Camden a thing or two....Ps, look into supporting wheelchair accessibility to your restrooms

Rudie Scholtz

A mate of mine recommended this place, missing home I decided to give it a bash. Absolutely amazing food, chicken liver starter was as good as any I have ever had, 20oz t-bone was a monster but perfectly done to my liking, peppermint tart..... Well just wow.... Yip it was that good...... Many South African drinks available which was a surprising bonus.

Diane Catania

Love this restaurant, a carnivors delight.Parking: Across the road

Andy Gee

Very tasty food with great

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