Cafe Balti

52 Church St, Wolverton, Milton Keynes
01908 311188

Recent Reviews

Charlie Calvert

The food was good, but sadly it just took too long to get to me, over an hour.

David Gedye

Great food of high quality delivered promptly. What's not to like?


As always food was

margaret pettigrew

Food is nice but thier is better. The service makes up for the lack of taste in the food. For a comfortable night out with nice food at not to bad prices this place is

Nelly Cestari

The food is absolutely amazing! The best place to eat indian food in Milton Keynes.

Liz Nightingale

Great meal and

Rebecca Lewis

The food was great. Papadoms a bit chewy and soft but otherwise excellent. We had a nice evening. very quiet but we don't mind that. The toilet needed attention, though, and there was no soap. The existing one was broken and looked like it had been for some time. Otherwise very goodVegetarian options: Really good. The palak rice was lovely.

Sadi “Sadiq” Online

Lovely food, good service.

Hari Kumar

I ordered takeaway here. They said lamb briyani, don fall for a trap, they should say some masala mixed rice . And never order a fish . Highly disappointed. Not gonna recommend to anyone or going to this place again. Waste of money .


Used this company 1 year ago and it was amazing, went there today and asked for a lamb Rogen josh and requested not hot and it was inedible, I also asked for 3 poppadoms and got one and 2 in a separate bag folded up and burnt, this will be the last time I use this company no care taken at all.

Gabus Gaben

A small but nice and pleasant restaurant with food that was made in good time but also tasted nice. The staff where very nice and accommodating. The price was also reasonable.Highly Recommended.

Christine Kibens

I ordered a takeaway from Cafe Balti for the very first time. The food was amazing, the Pilau rice took me right back to when I first had Indian food, the rice was fragrant with beautiful flavours running through it. Absolutely blown away. Thank you and please consider me a lifelong

Darius Laura Cusack

We have used Cafe Balti for around 6 years maybe longer as we lived in Wolverton then moved. And running a business myself bad press is not what you want do would do anything to stop negative feedback especially for a customer if 6 years or longer!The last 2 times we have used them the service on delivery has been shocking!Missed prawn cocktail then took over 30 mins to drop off.Ordered 14th oct 2023 spent £70 on a curry and as per the picture the chips are NO bigger than a medium chips from McDonald’s but cost £2.50 EACH! And only 1 bag came so £5.00 for this! Also we never got the onion bhaji but we never even noticed till we nearly finished our food.The driver was at our door still and we showed him the portion but he is just a delivery driver!I was straight on the phone to we will send a portion out? Sorry but I remember last time over 30 mins wait our kids of 5/8 was eating with us too and it’s now 1845 at night so wanted them in bed not long after.We got a call back 10 mins later offering to deliver 1 portion of chips to be delivered? As stated to them on the phone we wanted our kids in bed after dinner.Sadly 6 years of regular business are happy not to just lose us but people we recommended to use them they will lose aswell. If the kitchen staff think this portion of chips is worth £2.50 needs to be re educated. Prob maximum 40 chips in the bag. Like I stated as soon as the driver was here I showed him that chips! So there is none of this ‘you ate some’….When we mess up we offer our customer something they are happy with by sorting the problem out so they are then aware what we will offer to show it’s not how we do business and appreciate the business they are giving us.


We ordered a family takeaway, and whilst the main meal itself was very nice, I was dumb struck to see I’d paid £3.50 for 2 very small samosas and £3.50 for 4 onion bajhis that I could have fitted in the palm of my hand. So we won’t be ordering off of the starter menu again sadly.

Georgina Neve

Always get my Indian food here. Full of flavour .generous portions. And always the extra mile they go for us with extra poppadoms or dips etc.

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