KFC Acton Vale - Uxbridge Road

171 Uxbridge Rd, London
020 8743 4657

Recent Reviews

Phoenix Harris

This KFC is known to have a rat problem. Will not be eating here again!

Jonathan Clark

Not the best KFC...the pieces tend to be a bit greasy and soggy compared to some other branches

F Dabo

A quick service

Mohamad Alkahef

It is an amazing service from Bhanghafi, not like other KFC stores

Gillian Hazell

Hot fresh food. Clean and well lit shop. Polite staff.This branch is highly recommended.

julie hart

Food was dry over cooked, no one knew of any offers and the place looked dirty. Ended up with one lot of spicy food did not want spicy foodso my partner basically had a chip butties,

d hc

Better than some other KFC 's. Friendly

Sheraz D

The girl said no sauce, no mayo no ketchup. Chicken popcorn was cold. Fries without sauce.

Aleja Bedoya

Nit good service staff very rude, The chicken was dry and very brown, I bought 6 pieces of chicken and they gave me a very small wing between the 6 of them. If I had known, I would have gone to a traditional chicken shop and I wouldn't have paid almost 11 pounds for that terrible chicken.

Shaheer Malik

Here is the mighty bucket i ordered. What the hell os this?

Katz R

Dropped into this KFC due to body running on petrol fumes.The place is tiny and has a feeling of being a bit unloved.The self-service machine had run out of paper receipts so resorted to capturing my order on my mobile.The lady serving me behind the counter looked genuinely feed up and proceeded to slap my order on the counter when it was ready.It was the same deal with my request for ketchup satchets.Sllllaaaaaap!When I got home and opened the burger... Guess what.... ssllllllaaaap!I shall spare KFC the humiliation of not including a photo.Guess what.... Food tasted good together with my miniscule portion of chips.

Arafa Elkady

Unfortunately the food is not well prepared and the oil used looks old. I felt the containers of food are not new and I didn’t expect that to be in KFC. The staff are not professional and I wasn’t really happy with the experience

Leo Hunter

Went here to get a family bucket. Asked since no one likes their chips if we could get corn or a substitute only to have the manager (a skinny, elderly black gentleman) shout how he isn’t giving free food away .... I asked to substitute and was only enquiring. I left and cancelled my order. I called head office who promised to launch an investigation and they didn’t bother to ever get back to me.Also filthy. Look at the place.

Lian Devil

I’m only giving 5 out of 5 because of the manager Suresh. The women staff were not very helpful , but manager is a lovely , friendly and super understanding. Very helpful thank you Suresh.

Leena Arshad

Worst KFC experience you will get by the staff who need to be trained in customer experience skills. The food was overcooked and my kids were not happy. Wasted my £27 food in the bin.

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