Coal Rooms

11a Station Wy, London
02763 56699

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Joe Beck

Had a very average roast which was really overpriced. Not sure if it was an off day or just the staff we had upstairs, but struggled to order a drink or get water for the table. Big portions served but I would choose almost any other pub for a roast next time.

Theo Cottle

favourite restaurant in Peckham. Really good quality food cooked by an amazing kitchen team. Couldn’t fault a dish.

Micky L

Went for Sunday roast most overpriced roast I’ve ever had and I’ve eat in Michelin star restaurants undercooked potatoes and smoked meat didn’t work also sides no

Joshua Lee

On a Thursday night, they had a £17 steak frites deal. It was really great value! The steak was juicy and smokey. We added some croquette starters which were also delicious. Looking forward to coming back to trying the rest of the menu another time!

Adam S

Food was very high standard, care and attention was paid to every part of each dish and all were busting with flavour, only slight quibble is on the sides, the sea bream came with literally nothing on the side so I needed to order both chips and vegetables which was about £15 total on top. Both were very tasty but adds a lot to the cost of the meal

Enrico Tuveri

Food generally good but the price do not justify the overall quality1/5 of the meet was impossible to eat, it was a bad cut.White whine good quality but temperature wise no.Staff very smily but luck’s communication, barely have knowledge of food&beverage.Dessert, good presentation but it is not what it claims to be.Overall, 3, but lots of room for improvement.


Food was very excellent. Two of us ordered some small plates and one main and shared everything and it was more than enough, and not too expensive for this type of place. I also like the setting, it unassuming and feels hidden away under the train station.

Ed Green

My friends and I had a weeknight dinner at the Coal Rooms after being recommended it by a friend. The food was delicious, the range of drinks superb, and the atmosphere was wonderful. Highly recommend the Coal Rooms for anyone who is looking for an up-market and atmospheric dinner. The restaurant section, where we were sitting, was nicely-lit with ample room for each party. Only minor gripe was that the service wasn't as effective as it could have been.

Robert Hugill

Food was good, but the service was very poor.We visited on a busy Friday night. Ordering wine first, whilst studying the menu, the bottle failed to appear and finally after a ridiculously long gap we were told the wine was out of stock, which rather limited your options as there are only a few white wines under £40 a bottle on the wine list.Our bread and small plates arrived promptly, but there was a horrendous wait for our main courses from the grill. Our chop and steak arrived only after we had been in the restaurant for two hours. The accompanying sides were of very varying temperatures.Waiting staff were friendly, but no getting away from the poor food delivery.

Elliot Smith

We had steak & chips here on Thursday night as part of the Steak & Chips deal. The food was excellent, portions were plentiful. Staff attentive and not overbearing, the atmosphere was nice and the room filled up throughout the evening. We really recommend checking Coal Rooms out, if for nothing else then certainly the Steak & Chips Wednesday & Thursday night deal.

Albana Janjeva

i came here for a pop up event with chubby dumpling for chinese new year which was incredible!!!!!!!! the venue is lovely and intimate, however i will say the toilets were quite dirty which was



Buddeanie Fox

PECKHAM RYE STATION... opened on 1 December 1865 for LC & DR trains and on 13 August 1866 for LB & SCR trains. It was designed by Charles Henry Driver (1832–1900), the architect of Abbey Mills and Crossness pumping stations, who also designed the grade II listed Denmark Hill and Battersea Park stations between here and London Victoria.The Coal Rooms were the old Ticket Office within the station, now refurbished with chic decor.The Water Closets... 'toilets' have the original Victorian fittings!The staff are friendly and welcoming.Delicious variety of pastries ?Great place to relax and enjoy the footfall of passing passengers going about their everyday lives.Dog-friendly ?Definitely will return & thoroughly recommend this establishment.

London Double Trouble

The Coal Rooms in Peckham for a Sunday roast has got to be in the top 3 in London I've tried. As you walk in the open fire barbeque smell is something else (in a good way of course)You get taken to the back into a cute room for dine-in bookings. Friendly staff, nice vibes, excellent choice of food and drink. Quick service in terms of the food being ordered and onto the table.Couldn't help but try the pudding as well. Wow!It's within the complex of Peckham Rye Station which is an excellent easy access station to get to with plenty of connections.Solid A*****LDT x


Food wasn’t as described on the menu, try to over charge on wine, terrible service, had to ask for cutlery on several occasions. Over priced. Local restaurants that had been on my list to try, wish it had stayed on the list.

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