Italian Restaurants in London

“Very unique and enjoyable restaurant. Francesco was really welcoming and it was like being at his dinner party. Avocado and anchovy pasta was a highlight, really good flavour and excellent creamy texture. Thanks for having us, we will be back!”

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“This is the most delicious Italian food I have eaten outside of Italy. The waiters were friendly, lively, and fun. They have excellent recommendations and were extremely helpful and accommodating. The ambience was wonderful. This place is perfect for everything from a dinner date to a work event.”

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“So happy to have tried out this local. Superb food, nice decor, lovely staff. Sausage was enough to have me planning my next trip... but I think I'll make my way through the rest of the menu first... my daughter had the rigatoni ragu, amazing as well. Highly recommended.”

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“Great service as always, tasty food Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to spend a good time”

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“This is the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. The restaurant is lovely and the food is great. It's a dream come true for celiacs like myself.”

4.9 Superb55 Reviews

“Yep. We were staying across the street at the Residence Inn. We passed the restaurant several times during the day and also in the evening. By day, it wasn't so exciting looking. By night, it looked warm and inviting. But we never judge books by their covers. That's a fool's errand. Instead, we look at yelp and then at other reviews that the reviewers wrote. What we read was intriguing enough to walk across the street and in the door. There was one table in use when we walked in. We asked for a table and were led to the back room and told to take the two-top of our choice. A young woman, who was apparently being trained shared the responsibility of taking care of us under the tutelage of an experienced server. They were both wonderful although my wife told me to quit joking with the younger server because she could see that I was causing confusion or consternation or both. We ordered:Minestrone Soup - 5 - THE BEST Minestrone Soup that we've EVER HAD, EVER!Pappardelle with Pork Ragu - 5 - OMG, the PASTA! Ribbons of perfection. And the Ragu was pretty darned good too.Gamberoni Fregula - 5 - Never really a fan of couscous, Fregula is similar with the primary difference that it is made by hand rather than by machine. It was the perfect support and accompaniment for the large Prawns on top of the dish. Spinach - 5 - We needed some kind of veg besides what we got in the soup and this simple spinach dish hit the spot. Bread & Oil - 5 - It was good enough to take the leftover bread home with us to toast and butter the next morning. Apple Fruit Tart - 5 - Flakey, buttery and just the right sweetness to support the apple which still had a bite to it. And of course, the Vanilla Ice Cream was good too.Tiramisu - 5 - They have permanently ruined all future Tiramisu for us. No one has ever made such a delicious creation. It was NOT packed with drunken Lady Fingers. It may have only had three or four suspended in a creamy custard held together by a lovely thin tuille and then dusted in cocoa.We were seriously thinking about going back just to have Minestrone Soup and Tiramisu but decided that we had to try some of the other restaurants nearby. We did go to another Italian restaurant nearby and were so disappointed. That restaurant had shared tables and when we saw how disappointed our seatmates were with their orders, we suggested that they visit Locanda del Melo for Tiramisu and coffee and all would be better. They were intrigued by the idea, so we walked them over and said our good nights.”

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“Amazing fresh pasta. The chef was very friendly and professional.Price very good for what they are offering, portion quite abundant.I’ll return”

4.8 Superb64 Reviews

“As per the title. Sadly had to give up gluten a few years back and I’ve been searching for decent gluten free pizza ever since. Caminata’s is something else. Do they buy in it? Do they make it? Who knows but it’s ridiculously good.”

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“Very good service and food was very tasty. Excellent. Noodles excellent texture. The antipasto platter quality items. Only negative my Putsnesca did not have much anchovie in it as described Nice setting small venue. I would return”

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“What an outstanding dinner! Came in after our hotel recommended as an “authentic Italian restaurant”. Literally a “hole in the wall” and we were thoroughly pleased with our experience. Our family is from Abruzzo and we are very familiar with “authentic”. This was Amazing! Highly recommend!”

4.7 Superb83 Reviews
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