11 Highbury Park, London
020 7916 0949

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Ruby Dickson

Fantastic food and amazing service!

Stephanie Richardson

Service was impeccable, food was absolutely delicious, and atmosphere is perfect. We had the broccoli, potato sourdough, farinata, duck, and sticky toffee pudding - would highly recommend all, especially the duck which was fantastic. We were offered tasters of several different wines, all of which were lovely!

David Hurst

Interesting food worth a

Claire L

Very friendly staff, great calming atmosphere.But the food is really just average, we had very high expectations but it’s really just small portions, expensive prices and nothing that blew us away when you compare to the other options in Islington.


Nothing worse than treating yourself to a disappointment. I'm at a loss as to these other reviews.If you can stomach the tiny menu and unthinkable prices, you'll be greeted with a small, obnoxiously caustic assemblage that left me at a loss for words for all the wrong reasons.This is disastrously simple cooking with staccato flavours imposed to imitate edgy cuisine. I assume the flat impression of experimentalism charms some, and can justify the offensive cost.It's all so terribly, terribly Caucasian.I assume trust fund babies can navigate it without complaint and are rendered impressed by low lighting, passable dishes, and adoring staff, but it just doesn't suit if you're hungry and you've tasted good food before.They charge for water and don't tell you.

anneliese karjalainen

Great atmosphere, friendly staff and awesome food! Really fresh produce, cocktails/wine list is great too

Juliet Baptiste

Glorious food, atmosphere, service, drinks and decor, I really can’t recommend Saltine highly enough.I’ve made several visits since it opened in November the changing menu and fabulous cocktail and wine list is never disappoints.Charming staff, delicious food and a general sense that everyone there is having a lovely time - it’s just an all round great spot.

Krishna Vinnakota

The service alone is worth the visit!


A bit disappointing. Stale crostini, overly salted sides (did you taste the fennel), icy ice cream, and no surprising delights. Mains were nice, but no stand-outs. If you’re a food person, I’d skip it. If you’re in for a date and ostensibly nice food, this might be enough.

Lucy Attwood

We were excited to go to Saltine. We love our food. The deco atmosphere was super cool and we were welcome by a wonderful hostess. Cocktails great. But the main courses were super disappointing. “Salt” drenched pollock. Wasn’t edible. Neither was the beef. Our waitress was rude, clearing plates when people hadn’t finished and didn’t smile once.Sorry but I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant

N “Nevy” Mc

Absolutely gorgeous venue and food v tasty. Portion sizes a bit on the small side maybe for the price.

Stewart P.

The food was amazing. My favourite was the crostini. The service was algo

Dominika Kulakowska

Great little restaurant with homely food and caring

Ian Mann Cinematography

I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. Food fantastic, service fantastic, atmosphere fantastic. The food is beautifully thought out and portions are generous for such an intelligent offering. The service was attentive without being intrusive, they knew what we needed before we did! Atmosphere is luxury without being cold. I recommend this restaurant - you should go.

Olivier Bonham

Service was a touch rushed and seeing a set of painters ladders through the kitchen doors, was a little off putting.

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