The Devonshire Arms

33 Kentish Town Rd, London
020 7284 0562

Recent Reviews

Arun Smith

It's a pub for metalheads run by metal heads. If your a metal head you should go to this pub. Simples.

Susanne Funk

Cool bar, some with live music. Has its own ambience ? Metal

David Williams

Good vibes. More fun at night when the bands are on. But still one to drop in on if you're

Daniel Mackay (Key Maniac Lad)

Giving it 4 stars although I can't remember ever having been here! (Although I may have been....) The reason is that, according to Reg Hall, a living legend and authority on Irish traditional music in London, this pub was the first ever - in the world - to host Irish traditional music sessions - about 1946. So this pub has an incredible history. According to other reviews it's still a music pub.... but a bit different style nowadays. Oh well, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose....maybe....

The Forty Team

Top pub in Camden ?

Dom Renda

Great drinks…great metal music ❤️

anysia parker

First time I'd been here and loved it ?

John Walker

Great atmosphere and good price for


Metal head paradise ?..all ages are in this bar. ? ☠️... It's not a food pub

Eileen Maracha

Didnt have any food but love the atmosphere!

Cheryl C

Loved it here! Great atmosphere, can't wait to go

Helen Howard

Rock n Roll.

Mario Balsa

I loved the decor, super relaxed space, I recommend a visit

Junk Head

Great metal pub. We had such great time here. Nice staff. I recommend it !

Finn Lindsay

Probably the best metal bar in London. Expect heavy music, live bands, late nights, and great people.The Dev is the beating heart of Camden.

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