The World's End

174 Camden High St, London
020 7482 1932

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I visited with my partner as part of a birthday trip to Camden. The staff were friendly and engaging especially Chris who served us. We really enjoyed chatting to him and his female colleague. The music and drinks were very enjoyable and we shall return when we are next in London.


Came down to Camden for the Queens Jubilee and had an awesome time in the Worlds End. Great music and great staff. Served by one of the managers who made my experience even more welcome. Best pint of Staropramen i have had in a long time and managed to snag myself a limited edition worlds end t shirt. Will definitely be back again!

Lee-Sharon Taylor

polite staff Nice atmosphere

John Yau

Great pub, even better music. If you are a rock and metal fan, highly recommended. It also serve the best beer on tap - Staropramen. Amazing and I am so glad it’s still going after the pandemic. There aren’t many metal pub around that’s for sure :-)

Przemyslaw Szymanski

If you want to listen to metal music this is the best place. Great atmosphere and friendly service. It’s mine always to pop in pub in Camden??


What’s going on in this place. Had many odd nights/days in this place. Sat with rockers punks skinheads freaks and geeks was always great and could sit and people watch and have as much fun on my own as with a group of people. Sold its sole, staff clueless and painful, was charged a service charge on top of beer price. Have a look at yourselves and ask the devil for your sole back.


World’s End - Camden - As this is mentioned in my book on Pub signs relating to science fiction for its old sign depicting Vikings sailing over the edge of a flat Earth, I was keen to call in. The sign now depicts a butterfly (ending the World in Butterfly effect wing flap) with a human skull painted on its wings. The pub sadly lacks true real ales preferring a range of craft beers, and the only barman on duty seemed more interested in flirting with ladies sitting by the bar than noticing a solitary post-middle aged punter awaiting service, but overall a decent bar. A companion section is called Underworld.


This place has no atmosphere .. the staff hate it here. No conversation. How is this place even still open. Tried to to converse wouldn’t even respond. Absolutely shocking Never ever go here. Security asked if we were sober at 8pm of course we were. They made us involved ina pile 5 of people who were strangers but later became friends due to the hatred we all had to all of the staff. If you won’t want to work here, don’t work here .. simple


Awful management, avoid this place, I feel sorry for the staff having to work for the weird guy on the door who claims to be the manager, I think he is in need of a mental health check, avoid this place until he has been kicked out.

maxine j

No toilet paper, stainless steel toilets with no seats, piss all over seats, bloody disgusting. Yuk yuk yuk


£12.80 for two bees. Are you kidding me. It is quite clearly a tourist trip. Avoid. Spend your money elsewhere.


The soul has been ripped out of this place since the refurb. Such a terrible shame as it used to be an iconic Camden landmark ?


well worth a visit. Stunning interior; you can almost ignore the £7 a pint prices! Great music and friendly service


Please be aware that there is a service charge added to the bill when you buy at the bar....yes I can't workout why either, I ordered Carling ( £6.20) ☹ which actually tasted of gingerbread....obviously something was wrong as I have never tasted anything like it before it was foul.


Would give 0 stars if possible. Ordered a pint of lager which came to £7.04. Despite being disgustingly expensive, you at least expect the pint to be a good pint. Unfortunately this, and my mates pints, were very off and unfortunately this pub doesn’t clean their pipes. We tried the worlds end pilsner and it had the exact same taste, an off pint where the pints have not been cleaned. Down the road you can get a better pint for £2.50 cheaper, please for your own good don’t attend this establishment.

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