Seitan Hustle

208-210 Lord St, Fleetwood
01253 584356

Recent Reviews

Gary Larsen

First time eating vegan food, and i was not disappointed. The food was so good will definitely be back for more.

James Kellett

Excellent vegan fast food. Staff are always really welcoming and helpful. It's a shame this place is a 45min drive for me so only the occasional treat

Stephanie Sanderson

Lovely atmosphere in there with all the plants ? staff are so lovely we decided to sit in. Food was to die for! Always highly reccomend. Never had a bad meal yet

Sangita Neighbour

We were visiting the local area and ate here almost every meal for two days! As a vegan there are many foods you just accept you aren't going to have again, but the kebabs here are incredible!! Definitely recommend. 5 stars ?

Ash the train 2004

I really enjoyed my OG burger and the onion ring.

Squid Ink

Simply excellent food ?

Tom M.

We've been wanting an excuse to try here for a while but don't live close. So glad we finally got a chance! The food is incredible and good portions. Staff are lovely too. We'll be back the next chance we get!

TEA: Travelling Emma Adventures

Amazing! Came from Wigan to try as we've heard nothing but good things and it was just amazing! We will be back!


We have been wanting to visit Seitan Hustle for quite a while now and it was definitely worth the wait!Had the vegan fish and chips and it was amazing.. Generous portions, very well presented and tastes fantastic.All of the staff were really friendly. Will definitely be back...

Henry Calvert

My friend has been going on about this place for so long, and since moving back home we thought we’d treat ourselves. I absolutely inhaled the meal and desert, it was the best chicken burger I’ve had in ages, I wouldn’t shut up about it. This is when she informed me it’s all vegan, didn’t have a clue. Just great food.Would strongly recommend.


Best takeaway bar none. Been many times, never been anything short of bloody great.all the team are really warm and friendly too. Can't wait to try the new no fish n

Chris Hill

Been here a few times as my girlfriend is vegetarian and this place is a nice change from what most takeaways offer in Fleetwood. Food is really well done, I actually enjoy most of it (I'm a big meat eater) which is nice. It's not something I would get for myself as it's all vegan, but you can't argue with how good it is. They put a lot of effort into every dish and they always look as good as they taste. Always on time, I like that they play it by ear in terms of when to come and collect it, just give you a time and when you get there it's ready.Vegetarian options: It's a vegan takeaway, the food is really good my girlfriend loves it. They always garnish nicely with some fresh lime and coriander etc depending on the dish. Have a wide range of stuff, started doing kebabs now which we nearly tried but decided to opt for her usual.

Muz R

Great vegan food

Andrew Henley

Best takeaway in town! Great quality food and brilliant flavours, the chicken is always very tender. Very unique offering. Friendly staff and prompt delivery service.


A fantastic meal! Lovely people, lovely food, and I love what you're doing. I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian, but I'm inspired by interesting places to eat, and this hit the spot perfectly. Will be back for sure!

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