24, 83, 26 Lord St, London St, Fleetwood
01253 778261

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Elizabeth LeDuc

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Absolutely horrible customer service. I ordered online and they cancelled my ordered and proceeded to tell me they would double charge me if I reorder and would not give me my deal. Also would not get any type of management nor corporate or anything for me to speak with. And went on to help drive through. I will never again eat at this location again4 I went up there because my money was never cleared they took it. Even with proof of showing the manager on duty still no compensation. She called me a liar and all. And would not give me corporate number. So come in the morning my bank and proper action will be involved. I recommend do not eat at this location unless you want to be double charged. And treated like scum.

Melody Vimbayi Chavarika

I ordered a big cheese steak footlong and the girl just put steak, a hint of cheese onions and sauce, I told her this is not how a big cheese steak is coz I bought it before in other Subways she said that is what it is she was rude, can't even see the cheese yet its a big cheese steak

Rebecca Clough

Staff were friendly and welcoming

Alice H

Food was nice and the place was clean but staff weren't friendly at all and I felt rushed ordering my food.

Ornlu the Wolf

My favourite local Subway! Popped in today after being away and met Nicky for the first time. Fantastic service and great sandwich! Cheers bro!

Alicia Blancard

TERRIBLE SERVICE. Jassi was extremely rude, took my money and tried to tell me my giftcard was empty when I had just gotten it for Christmas and there was in fact money on it I had proof of receipt of the card being purchased and she charged it first then told me it had 0.02 left on it and than tried to tell me it was empty and nothing on it and made no sense. She was arguing with me about the situation and it was unprofessional, I would never come back here.

Kelly W

For a quiet afternoon, the service was slow. The bread was very dry, staff ignored our request for extra milk in the kid's drinks to cool them. I felt overall that the staff did not engage with their customers and offer basic friendly service.

Mark Wells

The food was dry the lettuce was going brown will never bring family here as it was really bad food ?? and there was a member of staff stood out side


Always love a Subway as it is made fresh for you. Popped into Fleetwood branch today and ordered. When the chicken had been put on the sub I politely asked the server to spread the chicken across the whole sub as it was placed in the middle, he obliged. He asked my choice of cheese. One option was drying out so I chose another. When I moved to choose salad I was appalled. The lettuce was turning brown, the tomatoes looked slimy and the red onion was grey…at that point I asked if he was serving me from this and he replied yes but added “it is due to be changed” I chose not to buy this food.

James B

Nice service from the young man who works

Susan H

Went to toilet. Toilet seat up and covered in stained urine. Dat down with coffee, floors filthy and bits all over the floor.


Probably best subway we've been to, nothing was too much trouble for the guy that served us (think he was called David). Fresh produce great helpings clean shop and clean toilets. Can't fault anything


The food on display does not look good , I ordered cheese salad got two tiny pieces of cheese on it , went to the toilet it was filthy , would not recommend .

Ashley Moore

Quick food friendly service

ROGER pilbeam

Speed of service was very poor, ive seen moore atmosphere in a morgue

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