Tasty Pizza

23 Station St, Swinton, Mexborough
01709 578666

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charlie humble

they missed food of my order and we still had to pay the same price i tried to call them back multiple times and they ignored me absolutely shocking

John wayne

Shocking!!! Only just warm, waited 1hr, kebab was ten fifty and ive seen more donner meat on a veggie burger! 1st and last time buying from here.

Andy Lewis

Arrived 10 mins earlier than stated but arrived stone cold. The pizza was that cold the cheese had set. had to put the pizza in the microwave to melt the cheese and warm the pizza up. Wouldn’t mind but only live 10 mins away so no excuse for cold food. Won’t be ordering again.Stay away.

Karen Mason

Chips not cooked, cold and pizzas average, won't order again.

Brendon Mullen

The food is lovely if you go pick it up yourself, not so good if it's


Tasty Pizza is an excellent choice for anyone, their food is allways fresh, hot and tasty and allways fantastic service, wonderful friendly staff ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

charlie fewster

I love this place I don't even live in Swinton but it's better then most takeaways in Sheffield where I do live.I usually get collection good portion size good value for money really fast speedy service.

Lisa Street

Lovely hot food,arrived before time stated, delivery driver lovely,will order again,good deal on the meal deal one

Mark Wilson

never listen to your intrusions even if you’ve rang them directly and told them spend a lot on money on this takeaway and they never listen last time i’ll be ordering from them

Lauren Parkin

Honestly avoid this takeaway !! Food was cold found few eye lashes in doner kebab this place has really gone downhill. The person who was serving was more interested in talking to guys about if there single or not ,

Nikki F

Asked for a pepperoni and kebab meat pizza and a chicken pizza got home and had a pepperoni pizza and a mushroom pizza staff wouldn’t listen when I told them it was wrong absolutely a joke

Stephanie Brook

Ordered food at 11pm. It is now 12.50am and still no food. We realised we accidentally left the wrong address on the order - so we called them straight away to amens the order to which they answered the phone and left it unattended for over 15 minutes. We could hear them taking other peoples orders, but wouldn’t come to the phone. Eventually we hung up and tried to call back over 40 times from 3 different devices. Not one call was answered. We then got a notification on the just eat app saying the Oder had been delivered. We would understand if this was a residential address. But it was mistakenly a hair dressers. Utter joke of a service.

Harry Garret

Well where can I start greeting me with tasty as i phone up and arrived on schedule I must say this is quite a rather fine establishment the pizza is absolutely marvellous and the chips were divine I also requested a Marbius meal but however the outcome was quite peculiar as I think they should add this exquisite peace of food to there intriguing menu overall I'd say the most tasty pizza in town

Kim Brotherton

Delivering takeaway menus at 9.30pm...... not a great idea and rubbish pizza anyway

Toni Hough

Quite rude would not give me food that my son had ordered. Just kept repeating 30.10 . I said yes i know weres pizzas!Im a nurse not stupid!Very rude .

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