Chilli Padi

6-10 Leazes Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 230 1133

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Chilli Padi is a Malaysian restaurant that truly captures the essence of Malaysian cuisine, making it a haven for those seeking an authentic taste of home. The warm ambiance, coupled with tantalising aromas, transports diners to the vibrant streets of Malaysia.What sets Chilli Padi apart is its commitment to authenticity without compromising on portion sizes or prices. The Butter Chicken is a standout and equally impressive is the Penang Prawn Noodle, a flavourful journey through Malaysia's street food culture.Chilli Padi's dedication to maintaining the authenticity of each dish is evident, making it a go-to spot for homesick Malaysians and food enthusiasts alike. From generous portions to reasonable prices, every visit to Chilli Padi is a celebration of true Malaysian flavors. This restaurant has quickly become my top choice for a taste of Malaysia that never disappoints.

Leigh Hudson

I’ve been to Chilli Padi several times over the last couple of months since discovering this restaurant. The food is delicious, generous and promptly served after ordering, alongside this, it’s consistently yummy. The staff are lovely and it’s a relaxed atmosphere. A solid choice for a meal in the city centre.

Paige Paterson

Food is amazing, can't wait to go back again. We ordered a few different mains with a couple of snacks to pick and mix from and so pleased we did, we just couldn't decide what to get it all sounded so amazing. Great size portions for the price but we were stuffed with everything we ordered. They kindly gave us a couple of containers to take away the food we couldn't manage.Service was great. We booked a table but we got there not long after 12 and wasn't too full but by time we left majority of the tables were full. The food comes out within minutes of ordering but can see in the kitchen it's cooked to order.

Paul Handyside

Wowza don’t walk here … run !Fabulous meal. Had a day date with my missis and we both like a bit of spice, boy we were not disappointed.We got a selection of different foods and the tastes blew us away.Amazing staff, fantastic food and lovely restaurant.Can’t wait to come back again ! 1 million percent would recommend to everyone, you will love it.

Karen Wright

Food was not what I expected for the price, it is expensive. There was no atmosphere and the restaurant itself looked cheap and slightly run down. I've had better elsewhere for a lot less money. We only had 2 courses each and 2 glasses of wine, it came to nearly £40

KingJH 0510

Definitely don't come here alone.Come with a couple friends and order some dishes to share.The taste is ok but it's definitely not super authenticI only had the lamb curry but I might come back to try some other

Shah Umair Ahmed

This is the first time for me, and the people I visited this restaurant with, from work.I was totally unaware of the dishes being served here, and the choices were far too many.The staff seemed too busy, and therefore, I didn't want to inconvenience them by requesting a recommendation.I went with the Kongpo Chicken, my mistake, as the dish was sweet and that is not my taste.It's unfortunate that I didn't know what to choose as I have authentic Malaysian food at a friend's house, and I loved it, but I couldn't remember what it was called.It is quite pricey, so I would suggest to getting a recommendation of the type of dishes you like and not being disappointed with your choice like I was.

cloud sephy

The curry laksa was almost as good as it gets. The rice in the Hainanese Chicken rice was spot on, the chicken itself was average. The Nasi Lemak just missed the spot. The kankun belachan was a bit sweet and not spicy.


Came after a recommendation and didn’t regret a second of it, a little off the beaten track but close to Sj James Pk so not too hard to find. Very authentic and the quality of the food was superb, service was absolutely fine. Couldn’t recommend it enough, I work away a lot and eat out 2-3 nights a week. This was up there with anything I have had for quite some time, really really good, try it, if you like Asian this is an absolute winner!


Fabulous food, came following son’s recommendation. Great service and reasonable price. We chose a wide selection of items and shared. Would definitely recommend/return


Lovely food and service, very big portion sizes too! The food came out really quick and was so tasty, all the servers were so nice and friendly, will definitely be back xx

Blaise Nieve (B)

Their Nasi Lemak was to die for! Definitely a must try!

Carol Stevens

Very quick service, stir fry gorgeous, chicken bit dry , anchovies could be crispier

Tony P

Got a takeaway,kung pow chicken and a beef noodle dish, very tasty but very small portions, I have had a sit in there and the portion size was good but the takeaway is ridiculous.


Probably the best food ever. Everything is just cooked so so well. it’s a super casual restaurant and I definitely think most would be surprised by the quality of the food but you honestly can’t fault it. Everything is served super fresh and piping hot. The food comes out as it’s ready but there is rarely much wait time in between dishes. The standard is just unbelievable. Have been multiple times and always can’t wait until I’ve an excuse to go back.

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