Blue Orchid

27 Shakespeare Rd, Bedford
01234 267093

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Mahesh Parmar

The service of the waiters is fantastic, they were very attentive. The venue is very nice, modern and nicely decorated.Unfortunately the food was not as I was expecting, in my opinion the pad Thai and red curry was not authentic Thai food and was bland.The starter king prawn was very nice though.All in all a nice venue and friendly staff, but for authentic thai food it is not the best.

Richy Rich

Please Read all reviews - Very very bland tastes. Not what we were looking for at all. Service excellent but food just was not for me.Attack mode eh? Great strategy.Check yourself and maybe you'll get some punters in. My reviews are fair and you clearly also cannot read as 90% are 4or 5 star.. you seem to attack any honest review - #The only other person# sat in said exactly the same detailed and honest appraisal of the experience to your poor waitress who did as much as she could for us.. its simple to me. Its not us who are destroying your business is it?Parking: Bay parking but you may get boxed in

Midori Garner

Unfortunately the food was not the traditional Thai food.

Jolanta Fedicla

Had a lovely meal with friends while staying at Verve. The sex on the beach cocktail was really good, worth the £13.99!!!! Disability friendly too

Jennifer J

To put the scenario in context……..we have just returned from travelling overseas for my husbands 70th birthday holiday and I had promised him a Thai meal ( Thai food is a favourite of ours) when we returned…so I booked The Blue Orchid at the Verve hotel. We arrived and the place was absolutely empty. We were shown to the only table which had menus on it. We knew what we wanted as we had looked at the menu online earlier in the day. We ordered Set Menu A and two diet cokes and some prawn crackers. The starters arrived and after eating a few bits of battered vegetables, I managed to get the attention of the waitress and asked to see the menu again so we knew what we were eating, because I was pretty certain it said satay chicken and tiger prawns. The menu came back and I asked what we had been served because it had no resemblance to the menu description. The waitress apologised and said she had thought we had said Set Menu B …we said categorically not we had clearly said A. The waitress went to get her senior and we repeated the problem. The senior member of staff assured us we would get Set A main courses. The original waitress apologised again and I pointed out that menu A&B had the same starters and she said that the chef had misheard her and cooked menu D starters which were all vegetarian. She then asked which of the A starters we would still like. We agreed we’d like the tiger prawns and chicken satay served with the main course. Some time later the main course was delivered by the original waitress and her senior. I asked her senior where the main course tiger prawns were and what was the food on the table because once again it resembled nothing like what we had ordered. She said she would go and ask the chef and off she went. We divided the rice in half and ate the starter prawns and satay which were cold…at which point the other waitress disappeared….we waited a while for someone to return and then we started eating the duck and chicken. After a while I called out was someone going to come and talk to us about the food. The senior waitress and the original waitress returned and said they would make an adjustment to the bill. I said that wasn’t acceptable as we had deliberately chosen that menu to eat prawns and because it had no chilli. I asked to speak to the manager. When he arrived he went into a tirade saying he wouldn’t have his staff shouted at or spoken to the way we had spoken to them….we had been in normal voice and very polite, considering they had completely ruined my husbands birthday meal. The manager was shouting at us “did we want the meal removed and set meal A cooked for us yes or no “ he kept repeating “yes or no”. My husband, a quiet man, told him we wanted him to listen to our complaint and explain why we had been assured we would get Menu A after the starter mixup and we were still not served what we had ordered. The manager didn’t reply he constantly interrupted and spoke over us and I told him at least twice to stop being so rude to us both…he still kept shouting “Do you want this replaced with menu A, yes or no” We finally said no. I said, I no longer wanted to eat as I was very upset and I apologised to my husband for his disastrous 70th birthday meal. The manager said we needn’t pay for the meal….as if that made it OK. He then stormed off. I put £10 on the table to pay for our drinks and the prawn crackers which were the only thing we had which we had actually ordered. The waitress said we didn’t need to. But I left it there. As we went past reception I waited for the manager to finish booking 3 people in and told him I had left £10 to pay for the drinks and crackers, and that his behaviour was an absolute disgrace. We were absolutely amazed at this shameful behaviour of the manager. The waitresses had had polite and civil conversation and we had been polite in return..if telling someone that it was unacceptable to continuously serve food completely different from what has been ordered is being rude, I wonder how one can convey the situation to the staff…neither me or my husband shout

Shubash Chumber

Ordered tom yum and red curry for take away, was lacking in authentic Thai flavour - asked for extra hot but was not hot at all. They don't use bird's eye chillies. It is more bland in comparison to other Thai places I've eaten at i.e. has less spices and flavour but for people who prefer milder food this might suit. Portion sizes were generous.

Lottie Charlene

Vegetarian options: plenty of vegetarian options available.Kid-friendliness: they were lovely with my little one, really spoke to her with care and tenderness and it was lovely to be with them.Parking: there was parking available onsite.

katie bethan

Had a great time! Amazing food and great service. The ladies in the bar were very kind.

Lisa Hosier

Really tasty, great portions, absolutely recommend.

Steve Warner

Soulless. Nice guy running it.

Suzanne Andrews

No one else dining meant the it ladies atmosphere. Food was OK but not the best I've tasted. Host was friendly.


We ordered a Thai takeaway from here yesterday, in the recommendation of a friend. I can honestly say it was delicious. The best takeaway I’ve had in ages. We collected, and was very impressed with the place and the delightful ambience. I highly recommend this restaurant... a true jewel in Bedford’s crown!

Carl Hudson

The best Indian and Thai around


The food was delicious and very authentic. The menu was reasonably priced and the service was professional. We will be visiting again!

Therese M

food is absolutely delicious. the staff are so nice! cant wait to come back again with the family

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