The Spa Lane Vaults - JD Wetherspoon

34 St Mary's Gate, Chesterfield
01246 246300

Recent Reviews

Colin Millington

Had breakfast with a mate. Best breakfast so far this visit.8

Robert Beckley

Nice place

Daniel Grayson

Always a great place for a quick drink!

Pete Lythe

Good food at a fair price with a more than adequate well kept cellar. Just what you would expect from a well run 'Spoons' ?

Mira Toncar

It's another great Wetherspoon pub. Very friendly staff and amazing service. Highly recommended

sasha kilpatrick

Very unhappy.I have problems with my hearing & im very self conscious about this, I came here with my friend as she’s been having a very hard time at the moment, I stupidly forgot my ID and my friend ordered some cocktails. I was then told I wasn’t allowed consume it but with my hearing I just agreed. Another gentlemen came over and proceeded to take the drinks & told me we were not getting a refund. I had not paid for these drinks.

Angela Peckett

Not too bad only had a drink.. our 159th spoons.. On our spoons journey..


Don't normally go in spoons but decided on a whim for a quick drink. Decent pint ?

rich priestley

Food is ok not the best but good for the money with a fresh


Always quite like Chesterfield and went to the Spa Lane Vaults for a coffee, nothing more. Wetherspoons pubs always have that comforting feeling of being absolutely identical which one you might be in. Obviously, this is no different. It was ok without being spectacular. Comfortable without being homely. And as usual the male toilets were the usual blend of urine on every surface other than any made of porcelain. It would appear that when in a Wetherspoons toilet it is fashion to fit some sort of sprinkler system to the male genitalia and just aim at anything and pray. I washed my shoes and left

Verity T

Great spot for food and drinks! Great prices and friendly staff. Would recommend to friends and family. Overall great experience

Bob Macleod

It's a Wetherspoons so you know exactly what you are getting. Good pub food and good beer at a good price!

Swarnalatha Venkatesan

It was a one night stay for an office event. Might go back to try the

Richard White

Great pub with all the benefits of being a Wetherspoons. Good food, friendly service and as usual terrific value.

James Clark

Enjoyed a lovely lunch. Lovely and warm room welcomed as it was pouring

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