Adeena's Kitchen

300 High St, Croydon
020 3667 8566

Recent Reviews

Lucca Banchiago

This place is a joke. Please save your money and order from elsewhere.

jijo johny

Very bad customer service. The staff is on mobile phone and he forget to give plate. ?Low portions. On a biryani just small one piece chicken. And the food is like old. Worst


No one will response to you worst service I was really hungry no one came out from kitchen for long then I left worst


Terrible services omg do not recommend esp if you order by Uber eats or just eats. The staff is a joke. Called them and he forgot to put stuff in my order then chicken buryani dum ordered a small two chicken on the bone. What a joke. They rip you off with a microvable biryani with two small bone Chiken.

R Venkateswarlu

Adeenas Kitchen in Croydon has the best Hyderabad Lamb Biryani! The taste is so good with all the spices just right. The place is cozy, and the people there are nice. If you love biryani, you should go to Adeenas Kitchen. It's really good!

Amit Marwaha

Collected just eat stamps and when I was eligible for my discount the restaurant cancelled my order so that my discount didn't apply when I called them they said they can't give my discount when it isn't fair I collected my stamps spent alot off money and I was entitled to my stamp discount. I was a regular customer for many years and spent alot off money I won't use this restaurant again... I've collected stamps other restaurants they never cancel when I recieve a voucher I think it's extremely rude for adeenas kitchen to make me collect vouchers then cancel when I recieve the voucher .


We had a takeaway from Adeenas, i was blown away by the flavour, unbelievably well cooked, lamb was phenomenal as was jeera rice.

singaiah koniki

I love Adeena's Kitchen for their yummy chicken noodles! The noodles are just right, and the chicken is so tasty. The place feels cozy, and I always enjoy eating there. If you like chicken noodles, you should definitely try Adeena's Kitchen. I keep going back because it's that good!

lee hewlett

This place is terrible the food was disgraceful and made me sick . Phone service is shockingly bad they can hardly speak English . Never going again absolute shambles

Kevin Ninan

Best food ever..I am an Indian Foodie. I have tried almost all food places in Croydon and I tried adeena’s kitchen today and this is my review.1. Food is Fantastic. No compromise on Indian taste.2. Mr. Venkat was very Professional and very Helpful. 3. Clean and good ambience4. Prices are Cheap compared to other Indian Restaurants.I tried Chicken lollipop, Hyderabad Chicken biriyani, Naan, chicken madras and Hyderabadi Haleem. Would highly recommend this place to anyone.


We had catering for a birthday party, gave about 3 days notice for 1pm pick up. Turned up and had to with 30 mins as the tandoor needed to be heated up Paid on debt card which apparently didn't go through the 1st time but 2nd time went through. I noticed on the statement that 2 amounts were taken. Went to the restaurant and was told only the manager can carry out the refund. I spent all day and late evening phoning the restaurant for a refund. Finally managed to get it at 9:30pm. Also, the gulab jamun were solid inside but refused to give a refund. Go to the restaurant and see the tables have not been cleaned, the bar glasses are still dirty. Really bad experience as I have been going there on a regular basis. *****Bad management****

S Hussein

Hi,This place is awful I wouldn’t even give it a one star rating, we where the only people in there so wasn’t busy the service was appalling, we had to shout so someone could take our order. When the food was served it came out different times so we got the curry first then had to wait for the bread then the rice. There was hair in our food when we told the waiter she just took the plate didn’t even apologise but came back 20mins later with the dish. We ordered all three different dishes but all of them tasted the same. It was HORRIBLE! The poppadoms were stale. The food didn’t taste fresh and had no flavour. Went home and was sick! Please Avoid!

Wendy Peskett

Such a disappointment as I was really looking forward to this lunch.We ordered poppadoms and chutney tray to start, bottled water, 3 curries and rice.The food arrived, but we had to ask for our drinks. The drinks were bought over, but we were not given any glasses. When these were bought over they had just been washed as they were wet but not even very clean. I didn't use mine at all.There were 3 pickles on the tray chilli, mango chutney and mint yoghurt. The chilli was just horrid and inedible, the mint yoghurt had no taste and the mango chutney was just coloured water... It was the worst I have ever had.The curries were put on the table, but no idea which was which as they all looked the same: chicken, prawn and fish... We had to ask which was which.The rice was fine.We ordered one Chapatti and one naan bread, but they looked identical. The chapati was a naan bread.I had the poppadoms and pickle removed from the bill, tried to pay and it took 5 attempts before the card machine worked.This should have been much better.

Sijy Cherian

The food in this restaurant was one of the worst food which I had amongst croydon. Ordered for hyderabadi chicken biriyani and there was just plain rice and some coloured rice with no taste and they didn't even provide a raita it was miserable. I wouldn't recommend any one this place.

Gayathri Saravanakumar

A must try place in Croydon. My family’s favorite restaurant for Indian food. Excellent varieties of choices, delicious in taste and as always amazing customer service. Went for dinner on Tuesday the customer service person Divya went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Her service is top notch and made sure everything was right. Her food suggestions were fantastic and everything was very tasty. Her serving method was very impressed with customer. We will back definitely.Rooms: GoodNearby activities: GoodSafety: GoodWalkability: GoodFood & drinks: Good

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