Paratha Inn

244 High St, Croydon
020 8726 7849

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Jamshaid Haider

One of the best desi snacks in croydon. Tasted their cheese paratha with Kashmiri chai and trust me guys it’s one of the divine taste. Highly

Azeem Malik

Placed an order and i go there every week almost. And my kids bring their pizza as they dont eat pratha and i placed an order for £32 and we 3 adults were fasting and the person on till said i cant bring outside food and it was just 15 min before iftaar! What a shame!! I cancelled my order and he (cashier) had no regret! A person with silly attitude!Went to tava shop next door and they welcomed us even went to buy dates for us. This is customer service… dude with attitude!

Akshay Patel

Today I been parath inn and tried chicken and cheese parath which is very delicious and good value for money for me.Taste,Food quality,Restaurant environment,Staff service,Best environment ever.I hope it's helpful for new customers.And I wish need to try.Thanks.

Viral Patel

Parantha preparation was not good. Parantha was fried in oil, it was difficult to eat. Paneer was like rubber in chilly paneer. Worst food preparation. It can be actually called as stuffed Puri instead of Parantha.

Sandeep Chakraborty

One of my absolute favourite Indian restaurants. Having come to the UK recently from India, I missed the food a lot and tried a lot of so called Indian restaurants but found them lacking. But Paratha Inn gets it right. It will be unfair to compare them to takeaways in India as they're doing a very difficult job really well so far away from the origins!!

Nishit Patel

Very Nice Food . Recommend.. ??

amanda smith

Tasted this incredible food at an event at Croydon Clocktower. Definitely will be ordering and picking some more up real soon! ?Vegetarian options: The paneer curry was yummyThe Cheese paratha and chilli sauce was amazing

Aria Butterwick

Came for lunch last week, it was delicious! Great food, at a good price. Staff were great too.

Umair Khan

Great parathas. This place is a hidden jewel. I always order too much when I go here. Everything is so

Mian Zain

Wonderful experience. Love being there. Best food service and atmosphere 10/10. Just a little music is

imtiaz Sethi

What can I say , But , Great place for


Paratha Inn - the food is delicious, service is amazing and fast, ambitious is preety cool, clean and enjoyable.


Authentic, consistently good and happy to recommend - visits are an added bonus, great service.

Dot dot dot

Amazing food amazing service

Syed Ali

Great food, must try the kashmiri tea (pink tea)Parking can be a problem, the easiest place is a public car park about a 5 minute walk away.

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