Tai Tung

544 Purley Way, Croydon
020 8688 3668

Recent Reviews

Jane Perkin

The food here is amazing, and the less than great service can be forgiven due to the style it is delivered...?.


Best Chinese in Croydon.

Apple Kosit

Nice as always, dimsum, lobster with noodleRoast duck, crabs yeemeinStir fried ongchoi

Wengkit Tan

The current rating of 3.8 is too generous. When I ordered duck rice, all I received was skin and fat, and it costed £10. I would advise everyone to avoid this restaurant.

Wing Chan

The food is generally OK but the quality may change day by day, depending on your luck.A very strange observation was the servers didn't allow you to order some more food once you made first order. That was weird especially if you have kids who may need some more food etc.The services are fine but depend which server who serves you.

David Ren

The food was underwhelming, I suspect almost all dim sum items are reheated from frozen. I also did not expect to be admonished by a waiter for a very minor amount of mess my one year old made.


I don’t think it is even worth one star with ZERO hygiene rating. Absolutely disgusting!

Kenneth Palme

Great food no doubt, but they get a little overwhelmed when the place is crowded. Thye may need more staff. All in all enjoyed the experience.

Amy Cheng

Bad services! Waitresses are rude! no split bill option because of busy?! And cannot order the food for second time for no reason! Kids cannot drink their own water! It doesn’t make sense!

Yi Tally Zhang

Ordered roast pork and fried pork chop, both overcooked. Hard to chew. Made a complaint, was told pork is just like that. Unbelievable. Will not come again.

Jayden D D'Souza

Nice Chinese food, and good service. One downside is that the food was quite oily, but apart from that it's not bad at all. Our food also came very quickly, within 10 minutes of placing our order. A nice place for Chinese food if you are nearby.

Kelv C

Absolutely no frills dim sum experience, get in, eat and get out kind of thing. Food is good (prawn har gau tasted a bit funny though), large quantity compared to other dim sum restaraunts. Service is… nominal. Also fairly expensive at £25/head compared to even central

Andrew Purdy

Beware the parking scam, stay longer than 2 hours and you’ll be charged an extra £100 for parking

Chieko Suzuki

The food came quickly.


We had lunch at Tai Tung today. Ordered 2 portions of double pork dish (Pork belly+Cha siu 双拼) to take home for dinner, paid £30 ish for 2 boxes/portions, one box for us and one box for a friend. We buy the same takeaway every other week, so I know how many meat should be in a portion of (Pork belly+Cha siu). Just opened the takeaway box for dinner, there's only half portion in the box. It seemed they charged the price for 2 portions but mistakenly gave me 1 portion in 2 boxes.Phoned the restaurant to let them know this happened, so they can be careful next time as I am not going to drive all the way to Purely. The manager was incredibly rude! I explained what happened and suggested to be careful in the future. All he said was 'Okay, bye bye.', shocking.

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