Tops Pizza Croydon

216 High St, Croydon
020 8686 9666

Recent Reviews

Leonora Grant- Micah

I ordered on just eat and never got my order , it had meanwhile told me that it had been delivered on that app , when I never received anything , DO NOT ORDER FROM

Prasad Thaker

This place is

Nade Ali

Good food, happy with the customer serviceVegetarian options: You can choose what you want, because my kids like to eat veg I just tell them they always do the style which my kids like

Anil Kumar

Cheap and best.

Shelly Anne

Honestly, I really like this place, HOWEVER, the delivery team are absolutely ridiculous. It’s honestly tiring, I’ve given the benefit of the doubt on several occasions but I think you should hire different delivery drivers. They are absolutely ridiculous, he says he can’t even get out the car to bring my food to the door, so every time he comes I have to leave my house and go to his car to get my food & by the time he gets here it’s cold. Therefore, he really shouldn’t be delivering anything. It’s really frustrating as this driver has done this many times and really gives you a bad reputation. If you can amend this I’d be happy to order again.

Adil Cassam Oozeerally

Received a voucher for any large pizza for 9.99 (mon - thurs) with free delivery. When I called to redeem this I was told it will be £14.99, after describing the voucher to him he insisted I am wrong, refused to honour the voucher and then hung up on me.

Mohammad Chowdhury

I specifically asked if it was possible to order for delivery without the driver knocking on my door especially not ringing my doorbell! 2.45am whilst our kids are sleeping, The driver knocks on the door and rings our doorbell. It’s these small things that prevent us ordering from these places who don’t communicate such simple things. 2nd Time in a row this has now happened..

Bilal Jadoon

Zero customer satisfaction even delivery rider not talk In good way they treat rudely I really disappointed ???

Danzig FreiStadt

I had best pizza from this chain ever. Fresh, quick and delicious. Thank you guys

KissedByFire Skye

I love Tops! The best pizza! Friendly staff and fast delivery! Never had a bad experience whether collecting or having delivered. Sadly moved away and can’t find a pizza like Tops. Guys are the best!

Nicole Naggenda

Good prices, Not long wait time, however not a big fan of the cheese used.


One of the best tops brunches that I have eaten from.


Small pizza costs alot but other then that its really good pizza


Pizza was almost an hour late, they lied about sending a message on just eat, lied about calling us about delivery (we had contacted them ourselves during this time) and I sat outside my house waiting for 45 extra minutes after the latest expected delivery time and then watched a car sit for 15 minutes idling which I thought was just a random passer by. Turned out to be our deliver driver! What on earth was he doing all that time? I took photos as proof of this and was met with resistance. This was the second requested delivery as ‘they couldn’t get access to the building’ funny because our door doesn’t require access. I showed the delivery driver this. It opens no problem without need for an access key. We contacted the store several times for updates on our delivery during this time and we were met with nothing but outright incompetence and blatant rudeness. Spoke to both a male and female on separate phone calls, both of which felt it was acceptable to shout at me. When we were finally delivered the food, which I had to fetch from the delivery driver in the road myself, it was stone cold and soggy. Avoid at all costs. Terrible food, even worse customer service.

Yvan Linford

You are a disgrace. Came here for 7 years you gave me tonight the worst customer experience ever.Waiting +20mn for a small pizza, staff making fun of customers.Shocking

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