6 Park St, London

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Juliette J

It has a very opulent bar and decent ambient lighting , but im afraid the food fell short.A lot of the suggestions were deep fried, which I felt disguises many a sin.Mango salad was needlessly over spicy.Poor belly, was over cooked pork in some non descript gravy,Stonebass curry , again doused in coconut milk to blur the details.Rice was just rice.The chicken skewers were overrated.I'm sorry to say it didn't hit the mark, even though the table is nigh on impossible to get!


Really enjoyed my visit to Kolae. Every single dish was unusual and full of flavour! I would ideally like a bit more explanation about the dishes, felt like front of house was a little bit cold and distant and not very forthcoming with help.Really enjoyed the mussel skewers and the prawn heads as a small bite and then onto the big plates of pepper chicken curry, the prawn/seabass curry, chicken skewers and the mango/anchovy salad on the side.

Megan Byrne

Amazing food, service and ambience. We had the mussels, kale fritters, fish curry, chicken skewers and rice. Already looking forward to returning.


Went yesterday for my birthday, was absolutely delicious. The food is exceptional, full of flavour. I liked every dish we had but the special grilled guilthead bream was my favourite, perfectly grilled with a crispy skin and delicious sauce.

Ankush B

New favourite Thai spot in town! Amazing amazing food! Every dish was a delight. Definitely get the skewers - mussels and chicken, both epic but don’t oversee the sides and the pickled stuff and the curries. Solid 5!

Wayne Grossman

Our 2nd visit and guided by Fabio with regards to spice levels and quantity of food it was a memorable experience- outstanding dishes included the mussels on a skewer, sea bream and chargrilled chicken on a

Rishi Bhabutta

Really decent new Thai restaurant in Borough Market. Tried quite a few dishes:Prawn heads were interesting, never had them before, not the biggest fan but glad to have tried.Chicken skewers, pork belly and ribs, and the kale fritters were all excellent.The gati curry came really late, after all our other dishes, even after chasing for it a couple of times. However, excellent service as they took this off our bill without needing to ask. Very spicy dish and not as good as the aforementioned.Mango duck egg custard dessert was a very good ending to our dinner.Overall, would highly recommend a visit and hope to go again soon.


I was excited to try this restaurant because I loved SomSaa and the reviews were great, but I was disappointed. The food and service were just ok. Of the 5 dishes we ordered, 2 were good and the rest were bland/mediocre. I expected a lot more based on the reviews and the price point. The staff didn't seem to care if you were there or not and were not very friendly. Won't be returning.

nick harkess

The Best!!!Perfect service, perfect flavour, perfect setting. Can’t fault. My favourite dishes are the pork belly, hot and sour soup and muscles and chicken skewer. Highly recommended.


Love this cozy Thai place for sharing! Service was on point. Trout dry curry and the hot & sour soup is a MUST! it's spicy but not THAT ?.


Kolae, good food and great staff. The food I had as a pescatarian was great, the stone bass and prawn curry was delicious, and the smoked mussels on skewers were a hit! On the vegetarian side the squash is a bit sad and I felt didn't need to be on the menu... however the chef whipped up an absolutely Fabulous tofu peanut curry that was 10/10 and should just be on the menu by default. We mentioned this to the waiter that the tofu curry should be added as well, hopefully it will and then I look forward to the next trip there!Vegetarian options: Guys add the tofu peanut curry on the menu as default it was awesome!


Great thai spot tucked beside Borough market. Really enjoyed the intersting flavours, but when they said spicy; it’s really spicy ! Would definitely come back again.

Ernesto Puga

Great Thai food restaurant with some twist in the dishes.


Nice atmosphere and kind service. Great location at it’s in the Borough market area. Menu is quite modern rather than standard Thai, but still so tasty. Only minus point is their portion is very small..? quite pricey if it’s small tapas size. Otherwise, we had a good time!

Helen Mc

Delicious food, great addition to Borough. The sour mango salad was funky in the best way and the prawn curry packed a punch, left with my mouth tingling pleasantly. The vibe is good, cozy restaurant with great music. One I wish I visited with a friend to try more food with!

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