Paws Cat Cafe

Angel Walk, Tonbridge
01732 350202

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Very disappointed.The place are very dirty.I notice nobody cares about cats.Just business.Never go back


Good food and friendly staff


First off I’m sure the staff and cats are lovely, have a Tux myself at home, ?‍⬛But I made an accidental booking to this one as opposed to my local with a similar name and tried to get money back immediately as it was still pending from my bank.Unfortunately payment went through and I was unable to get a refund due to their no refunds policy, despite cancelling as soon as possible.I understand they must have lots of cancellations and refunding can harm the business but just wish this was overturned as there’s no way I could make the booking.

Colleen Hayes

Absolutely brilliant.

Lauren Young

Dietary restrictions: Vegan and gluten free options available

Megan Woodgate

If you want a relaxing place, then I would definitely come here. Cats,cakes and coffee what more do you need!!All the cats are rescued and have a wonderful life at the cafe,food is delicious and all the staff are very friendly and eager to answer any questions!!!A lovely place to take children, and one of the only cat cafe to allow children under 10!Which is very excilent to educate and show how to treat animals in a safe and calming environment!A must go to place!!!Vegetarian options: Lots of options too choose from, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free!!Dietary restrictions: Lots of options to choose from, they do vegan and gluten free scones!Cakes, breakfast, toasties and alternative milks!!Parking: Lots of parking space in the big siansburys!Kid-friendliness: Very kid-friendly one of the only cat cafes to allow children under 10 in!Calming place for children to be with cats!Wheelchair accessibility: The cafe is very open space so perfect for a wheelchair!


Incredibly rude staff. May I suggest reviewing how your staff communicate rather than being rude to customers, again and again. Clearly this cafe does not wish for repeat customers.

Stephen Johnson

A wonderful place to visit with amazing staff and cats. If you just want to relax with the cats while they nap, play or investigate the new person having a coffee in the shop, then this is the place.The food is good but I came for the main attraction the cute kitties.Great job Paws Cat Cafe

michelle godden

We loved are afternoon here today and are afternoon. We really enjoyed it epically as we come to Tonbridge from Morden in Surrey for mainly for cafe and to see the lovely cats you have.

Isobel Brown

The cats are delightful and the staff are lovely and accommodating!

T.L. Wainscot

The twenty cats who run this cat cafe are friendly to customers whilst they manage their human staff. Always worth a visit!

vivien sadler

Such a lovely place to visit. Wonderful cats and amazing staff.

Ellie Boakes

Paws Cat Cafe is like a chilled space for cat lovers. Walk in, and you're instantly hit with good vibes and cute cats roaming around. The menu's got tasty treats for all. The cats here are a cool mix of playful and laid-back, setting a super-relaxed mood. The staff is as friendly as the cats, making it a really easy going spot. Whether you're a cat enthusiast or just looking for a unique, feel-good time, Paws Cat Cafe nails it. Seriously, it's the place to be for some furry therapy and good times.Paws Cat Cafe is not just for adults; it's also child-friendly, providing a safe and delightful space for young cat enthusiasts.The attentive staff at Paws Cat Cafe enhances the experience, embodying friendliness and knowledge, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors of all ages. ??

Evgeny Kopunov

Great place - lots of friendly staff and outstandingly friendly and welcoming staff. Make sure to book ahead, especially with children, as this place is quite popular.Drinks are OK.

Lucie Phillips

We had a great visit to Paws. The team are very friendly and welcoming. The cats are lovely. The ten year old I was with has requested a repeat visit with immediate effect.

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