The Bakehouse at 124

124 High St, Tonbridge
01732 360382

Recent Reviews


Cappuccino was really good! Proper coffee! Unlike many overpriced high street chain coffee shops..

Wiktoria R

Smells amazing as you walk in, lovely pastries but their coffee is okay! Would defo come back for their pain au chocolat ?


Fresh, locally sourced 'artisan' food, relaxed atmosphere, comfy chairs and sofas. Snacks and lighter meals, range of teas, coffee. Fresh loaves of bread to take away. We prefer eating upstairs - more space. Recommended. Great Christmas range!

Emily Ip

Felt soooo good having a freshly baked pastry for breakfast, and sipping smooth coffee in a cottage with warm sunshine beaming in ???

Elaine S

Best warm croissant with a carefully wrapped pat of butter & tasty tangy jam plus Liked sitting upstairs on the comfy sofa as it was warmer up there .There was a log fire ? but it wasn’t alight .Coffee pleasant .Would return .


Been wanting to visit for a while and will be back soon. Friendly staff, delicious buns/cakes. Coffee was good. Lovely seating areas upstairs and down.

Kevin H

Feels like stepping back in time with the traditional building and interior. Always something nice to choose from, with nice friendly staff to advise and help.Only certain breads on certain days so best to check before, or better still order.There's a nice patio/garden out the back, that faces the castle, when sunny, and can also access from there if not by the main high street.

Mike Bryan

Used to provide high quality breads, cakes, and savouries. Last 12 months quality has deteriorated, size of cakes has reduced and price has significantly increased. The queues outside are no longer there. Such a shame.

Serena Colangeli Mace

I genuinely love this place. Amazing setting. Lovely staff and very good baked products but the prices are ridiculously high to the point I can’t afford to stop there for a breakfast in. I do understand crisis, inflation, the post Covid mayhem but £9 for a cheese sandwich is definitely too steep for my wallet.

Hannah P

Honestly i've been here twice after wanting to go in for ages and they haven't disappointed their food is out of this world, honestly i now cant have any other bread or dessert without comparing it to how much these guys are hitting it out the park,! Anyone who disagrees i believe their taste buds aren't working. its been a long time since ive had a brownie that's made me crave another one for an entire week, the only downside is they're closed on Mondays! what i would do to grab a toastie/ cake or coffee to help motivated me through my work day / week! honestly never been to a café like this one and i suggest everyone grab what you can in the mornings! The staff are brilliant, the location is super cosy and lovely for sitting in or sitting outside to people watch, perfect place to have your breakfast or lunch!

Elouise dubrow

Very nice bakery, good selection large portions


Unwelcoming staff. Before entering the front of the building, I had my dog with me and was greeted by “you can’t bring him in here!”I responded “I know, is it ok if I sit in the garden?” I walked the long way round and entered the garden with my daughter and dog. We sat waiting for 20 mins. I didn’t want to go in the back door as it is a working kitchen. I shouted hello a few times but no one responded. I also wanted to make them aware they had left their keys in the back door. Eventually someone heard me and said I needed to walk through the kitchen and order at the counter. Not great having to leave my 5 year old with my dog unattended.Mediocre coffee and a very greasy croissant. Very over priced

Steve Rayko

Nice little place. Tasty treats, great coffee.

Pragya Gupta

Tried the Cheese and mushroom toasties.. pretty delicious

Jonny mindyourownbusiness

I needed a large sourdough for that evenings slow cooked ribs with tomatoes and beans and you couldn't go far wrong with the bakehouse's loaf! It's was delicious. It's in my top five sourdoughs but nothing will ever beat Maureen's bread made from 'Javier' the starter. I will be visiting again soon to try the pastries and cakes.

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