Asda Fleetwood Superstore

Cop Lane, Fleetwood
01253 879400

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The Pharmacy never answer their phone. How are you meant to check if your prescription has come in if they never answer the phone. ? Also since the brothers took over its like they are asset stripping the place. I was in here yesterday and the place has never looked worse. I worked there for 16 years and it was going downhill throughout the years then but went in yesterday and was shocked at how bad stocking and staff levels were. Every staff member looked unhappy and the stock levels were like the store was closing down. Rubbish and empty cardboard all over the place.

Andy Taylor

Went through the self scan and had a problem so my wife politely asked a member of staff called Gill for assistance. She was chatting about weekend with a male security guard and wasn’t happy at being disturbed from this conversation and rolled her eyes at me and then started with attitude as if it was my fault that the machine kept asking for assistance. Then proceeded to tell me not to swear at her (I hadn’t sworn at her but at the machine) when I said I hadn’t sworn at her she got a bigger attitude and turned her chest camera on to film it. Her younger more politer colleague came over and we spoke about the situation and she said she would “talk to her”. I doubt that conversation will happen as they didn’t seem interested. If you work in a customer facing role then expect to have to face customers and their enquiries. Don’t have an attitude towards them as they are the ones paying your wages. One of my largest hates is people who are rude to service staff but also remember service providers that the other way is just as important. It doesn’t cost to smile and be polite to people whether working or not. Disgusting individual.


I cannot scan the barcode. However I want to send a huge thank you to David that served me and my mother at the fleetwood branch this afternoon. I am a regular shopper. My mum has recently had a knee replacement and so was quite slow today as she is still struggling to walk. David was amazing and so kind and patient on the till. Made my mum laugh when she was struggling and we would like to give a shout out for all his help and patience. A credit to your fleetwood store. Thank you x

Iain Macpherson

Excellent supermarket. Very large car park with a fuel station, the price of fuel only marginally less than some other service stations in the area. Excellent range of fresh, pre-packaged and frozen food, drinks, household goods, etc. etc. Customer toilets and a cafe. The store is well laid out. There were plenty of staff on duty and a fast check out.

Janet Sturman

Go later in the day and shelves are empty and not a member of staff to ask for help cleaning lady was more helpful

Paul Riley

It's a supermarket need I say more, and it's Asda

Thomas Clapp

I don't mind don't okay I do like to get some treats when it though quite fun

Tracey Cronin

Good shop and good parking facilities. Was busy but was able to find what I needed Recommended to visit.

Aakil Mohmed

All staff were great, especially James, the line manager was a fantastic help!

Jeff Glover

2 years of weekly deliveries and never have got a complete order yet. Always substitutes that are not fit for purpose and unavailables. Even when i check the night before just before cut off at 11pm and all still showing in stock and ordered. Poor quality tasteless meat. Quality of fresh food and portion sizes has slowly been declining whilst prices rise. Not good really.

lisa kirkham

Asda is great. Good prices and lots of options.

Sandra Holmes

During this morning I had. Problem with my App for redeeming my Asda rewards . The two ladies from customer service were wonderful sorting the app out. Thankyou ladies❤️

Daniel Booth

Better than a lot of the other ASDA stores I'm used to back where I used to live, the staff were really helpful and patient with us as well. It was a nice visit.

Elaine Moore

Big store the layout is very weird. I like straight aisles so I can go up and down. Their front aisles end in the middle of 2 back aisles making it more difficult to know what aisles you've done. More expensive than a lot of supermarkets but if you are a savvy shopper there are bargains to be had

Simon Cockcroft

Massive queues at the check out with several lanes unmanned and other members of staff stood around chatting. Said good morning to the lady at my check out and got no response until I forced a response. Very miserable staff. We got the store made pizzas, awful when we ate them. Nowhere near as good as Morrisons pizzas. NEVER again. Aldi and Lidl, even HomeBargains are better than ASDA

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