The Ivy Oxford Brasserie

120-121 High St, Oxford

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Itsuki Yoshida

The Ivy always being reliable and never betrayed me. I’ve been to a few branches in London but the Oxford branch is as good as the ones in London, if not a little better. I often take my clients to Oxford, and the Ivy is definitely one of the safest and greatest choices for a lunch break.The staff who served us was very attentive and helpful, and my clients were all happy about their meal and the vibe. I appreciate The Ivy always keeps their hospitality and service standards the same everywhere, which is very welcoming and memorable.

Miranda Rikki Tasker

One of my favorite places in Oxford to eat and drink. Beautiful decor, delicious food and amazing service :)

Eric Adams

A bit to crowded for me. I understand they want more covers by packing customers in but it just gets more like

Dom n

Had high hopes going in.I was disappointed.No draught beers.7.5£ for a bottled beer, that’s steep.Had the burger, not very good and almost twenty quids.

Dave Choy

The most curtious, polite and considerate service I've experienced in a long while. The food was extremely well presented and great tasting. Worth every penny.

Sandra Choy

Amazing restaurant. Food and service excellent. Compliments to the chef and to the serving staff.

Anastasiya Kiyak

My experience at The Ivy Oxford Brasserie exceeded all expectations, thanks in large part to the outstanding service provided by waiter Anna Matiakh and head manager Alexandra Ranieri. Anna's professionalism and knowledge of the menu were impressive, guiding us through the culinary journey with grace and charm. Alexandra's leadership was evident in every aspect of our dining experience, from the warm greeting at the door to the final farewell. Together, they created a dining atmosphere that was both inviting and unforgettable. I highly recommend The Ivy Oxford Brasserie to anyone seeking an exceptional culinary experience paired with top-notch service.

ксения кияк

I recently dined at The Ivy Oxford Brasserie and I was thoroughly impressed by the impeccable service provided by waiter Anna Matiakh. From the moment we were seated, Anna ensured that our dining experience was nothing short of extraordinary. Her attention to detail and friendly demeanor elevated our meal to new heights. Additionally, head manager Alexandra Ranieri deserves recognition for orchestrating a seamless dining atmosphere. Her presence was felt throughout the restaurant, ensuring that every guest felt welcomed and valued. Overall, a remarkable dining experience that I will cherish for years to come.

Dog Bai

The environment is nice,however I think the speed of food serving is too slow!The onion soup is a mix of butter and water, they’re separate with each other so taste not good for me.We waited for the fish cake and pasta for half an hour, and I don’t think it is reasonable… Is it because we are Asian students?Is this discrimination? ?so sad for it… The waiter even imitated me by banging his fist on the table after seeing me holding a knife and fork. I do not understand at all!There were two Asian women who sitting beside us,they got their meals much earlier but ordered later than us. Feel so disappointed and confused about this restaurant.Well, I have to say that the fish cake and pasta are worth to try.

Andrew Shelt


Nefeli Bevan

Excellent food and service,San B was very polite and attentive.He gave an extra cake for our birthday celebration.

Phil Evans

Lovely place to eat, we had set menu for lunch. Photos will give you an idea. Sour Dough loaf was

Mandy G

Great place to spend my birthday. Food was amazing and service was great. Well worth the money.

Merve Odabasi

Had cod fish wrapped in banana leaf. It was good, but the portion was small. I don’t eat much normally, but I did not feel full afterwards. This place is all about the looks/decoration only, very pricey as well.

Ezgi Kaya

I love the Ivy restaurant , the atmosphere is amazing no need to comment about it , i would like to come all the time and eat the delicious food ! Meat and wine was delicious , dessert as well , the toilet is even has a good decoration and all Ivy’s have the same good quality , everyone should visit at least one time.Cheers ? ?Parking: Near there are some park spaces , but crowded a bit as usual in Uk ??

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