Starbucks Coffee

M74A, Trunk Road, Gretna
01461 337567

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karen bell

3rd visit and more to come. Perfect every time with pleasant staff who keep a clean happy house!

Darren SF

Reusable cup £19.95Coffee £3.45 no discount for reusable cupFailing to get the order rightThat’s

John McKenna

Coffee medium £4.50 expensive ,my gran god bless her she'd batter me for paying that ,when she brought up 8 children all girls on rabbit home grown veg ,home baking,rashing books ?

bobby rocker

I wouldn't rate this place it was a necessity visit.

Philip Anderson

Just a

Danny Bowers

Typical Starbucks. Unfortunately staff training in progress, so service quite slow. Appreciate this is necessary, but should ensure they keep wait time under control.

Phil Petelski

Visit this location often when passing through.I'd just like to acknowledge the always kind and courteous staff, even in the event of the obnoxious gentleman needlessly whining at employees for no reason other than to create a scene.Will be back ?

Lee Ford

Cold. I can only assume that Starbucks keep their places cold on purpose to discourage their customers staying too long or force them to buy another hot drink.

Justin Reeves

30 customers queuing, 2 staff, 1 of which clearly not happy getting his hands dirty. What can possibly go wrong with this setup?

John Macfarlane

Long trip and heading home, staff amazing tonight and like family.16-08-2023 1745pmThese guys need a raise ❤️


Starbucks at the Gretna services on the M74 is a great location to take a break. The usual good Starbucks coffee and service all in a great place if you require other services

Karen McAulay

I love the coffee, but the system of calling out names doesn't work very well if you are hard of hearing and cannot HEAR your name over the background noise.


Just bought a carryout coffee, but guy on till very helpfull, went beyond expected !!

Rhiannon Wilson

Always had a good coffee here never any issues. Lovely staff. I don't know if Dave the boss was having a bad day but he was really rude to his staff who were noticeably embarrassed by this. Really no need as they have always been great to us.

Greg Stewart

Girl making coffee is not using a thermometer to measure milk temperature and as a result it tastes burnt.

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