Dixy Chicken Whitley Bay

Dixy Chicken, 210 Whitley Rd, Whitley Bay
0191 251 6262

Recent Reviews

Michelle L

I used to love dixy in Whitley but not sure what has happened to the portions? Payed £7.79 for a 3 chicken strip meal and the chips portion wouldn’t feed a child.

faded clapped

lovely sitting area and food tasted great, lovely experience.

Sean wales

Food was absouloutly beautifull and service was

Blain Nicholson

Great food, great service, great lads ??

Aziz rahman

Good service, best dixys Iv tried by a

Mahmoud Asslan

I am biased here, no one get the food that fast and just out of the fryer ?Chips were amazing , chicken were good but the smaller the better ( the drum stick was best)The bias was that the chicken didn't take enough time to get rid of all the oil since I was the last customer in line ( served very quickly yet not enough time to drain all the oil) which might be the only down sideThe 2 gentlemen who were on shift were really nice and asking how was it, I am glad any wayThe place seems to be in redecoration phase( wall banners were off yet the kitchen was shiny ( which is what I do care for, most of my reviews are : are people nice and helpful, how food was, how hungry was I , I must say I was just passing time,yet enjoyed ?)Just add, I would always prefer spicy chicken if they are available any where, for some reason it gives better crunch, I forgot to ask for it here

Russell Simpson

Came pissed, staff were excellent, sorted out what I wanted, love the place, love Whitley Bay. Give it a try.

Jake Wakerley

lovely friendly customer service very polite to me food was lovely.

Lyndsey Richardson

Polite staff love choice of food for kids and easy access for

Joseph Brady

Awesome staff, great food - love this


Missed up my order forgot my mini roll they can't even speak English chicken is so dry wouldn't recommend

Simin Stan

Love the food chicken is always fresh, Clean .Thank

Nicola Ladhar

Very good service. Always polite and efficient. Thank

Tahir Mahmood

We went to a few takeaways during our 5 day visit and tried this Dixys. He was reluctant after reading some previous reviews.The branch looked new after the refurb and the food was excellent. The burger was freshly made and tasted ? amazing.We went for the supreme fillet burgers and couple of other burgers. The food was the best we had in our 5 days visit. I just wish we went there first.My advise is try the food and you won't be disappointed.Thumbs up for the 5 star quality of the food and the staff are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble.Big shout out to Sadiq.

Rayhan Mannan

First time back in 2 years after poor service , thought I would give them a try after a refurbishment. Place is work in progress with refurbishment. The time to get food ready still hasn’t gotten any better for a fast food outlet, we waited 25 mins for our food when we sat in. The cheese burger was fresh and in a large bun and chips fresh too, my mega mix burger was not quite as advertised. Menu clearly stated on screen that it was a fillet burger, menu stated inside also has fillet burger stacked with 2 chicken strips. Mine was a burger made up of 4 chicken strips! Not the burger I had ordered but apparently that’s how it is served. It meant that I had less chicken content when they tried to use the bottom 2 strips to make up the size of the fillet that should have been in. Food was actually nice and fresh in a good size bun, but based on the price and misleading description in store, point of principal I won’t be back myself as I personally felt being robbed off the fillet. Shame, as this place used to be my go to place for burgers many years ago and i know how the mega mix burger should come as that’s the one I always ordered too

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