Cornwall Restaurant and Dining Guide

Think past the iconic coastline; dive deeper into the heart of this captivating region. Ready to experience a vibe like no other? Cornwall's melting pot of culinary treasures and scenic wonders is second to none. From the bustling streets of Newquay to the historic corners of Truro, there’s a delicious tale waiting to be told around every corner. Fancy a pasty in Falmouth or perhaps a cultural fix in Camborne? Low-key, this place packs a punch not just for your taste buds but for your wanderlust spirit too. In this piece, we're going to chat, mate to mate, about the must-tries and absolute gems hidden across Cornwall. So, keep those peepers peeled and appetites ready; we're in for a delightful rendezvous with Cornwall's best bites and sights.

Dive into Newquay's Delicacies

Once a bustling fishing hub, Newquay's now an uber-cool seaside destination rocking that surf 'n turf vibe like no other. With the waves crashing on its shores, it’s not just the surf that’s making waves here; the food scene's totally lit too!

First stop: Box & Barber. For those mornings when you need a bit of 'oomph', grab the Maverick. A hearty blend of spicy chorizo, refried beans, and fluffy scrambled eggs, jazzed up with a sprinkle of Baja cheese, fresh spinach, a touch of chipotle aioli, and a zesty pico de Gallo. Not in a meaty mood? The Sunshine Tofu serves up a fresh mix of tofu, hash, creamy avocado, tangy pico de gallo, and spinach - total taste explosion. Up next, we have The Fish House Fistral. Those sea bass fillets? Pan-fried to golden perfection, resting on a bed of al forno potatoes with a side of tenderstem broccoli, all doused in a delish sauce vierge and sprinkled with cherry tomatoes and spring onions. And if you fancy something a bit exotic, the Balinese-style skewered monkfish with its spicy carrot and chilli sambal and aromatic basmati rice is a legit game-changer.

Speaking of exotic, The Portuguese Bar & Restaurant is where it’s at! Dive into the Chicken Grill “Brás” Style - tender chicken mingling with caramelised onion, crispy shredded fries, and olives, crowned with a dainty quail egg. Or go wild with the Deer Leg on Roast Grill, a juicy delight complemented by the kick of garlic and coriander sauce, served alongside some good ol' bean rice. And don’t sleep on Six on Fore. The Katsu Hake Fillet? Think succulent hake, drenched in a rich katsu sauce, paired with coconut rice. For my pasta peeps, their Wild Mushroom Linguine is a creamy dream with a hint of truffle luxury.

Post-food coma? Chill at Fistral Beach, a surfer’s paradise with historic roots. Dive deep into the Elizabethan era at National Trust - Trerice, or go wild spotting exotic animals at Newquay Zoo.

St Austell's Scrumptious Spread

Let’s take a moment to relish the delicious legacy of St Austell. Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, this town isn't just steeped in mining history; it's also a culinary goldmine waiting to be unearthed.

First stop? Edie's, where contemporary meets Cornwall. The tomato tart tatin is not just a treat for the eyes but an explosion of taste - juicy tomatoes paired with crunchy broccoli, creamy goat cheese, roasted hazelnuts, and a hint of fresh basil. If the sea's calling, their gilt head bream is the catch of the day. Imagine this: perfectly cooked bream alongside golden sauté potatoes, crispy pancetta, refreshing radish and broad beans, all tied together with a zesty herb yoghurt dressing and a drizzle of lemon oil. Craving some Eastern vibes? Nepalese Gurkha Restaurant is the ticket. The Everest Lamb is a literal peak of flavours - succulent lamb tikka masterfully seasoned with oregano, coriander, and a kick of green chili. And the Khasi Aloo? Picture tender lamb with hearty potatoes cooked in a unique Nepalese style. Not too spicy, it's a dish whispering tales from the remote heart of Nepal.

Pizza lovers, rejoice! Salty Bay Pizza Kitchen knows its dough. The Mooooody Blues is a cheesy delight topped with melt-in-the-mouth beef brisket, earthy mushrooms, sweet corn, and a drizzle of gold mustard sauce. Silly Sausage? It's serious business with a zingy combo of frankfurter, chilli beef sausage, zesty chorizo, and crispy onions. At Springtide, Charlestown, dive into the Indonesian Curry, an exotic blend of Cornish fish & mussels surrounded by lime-infused coconut rice. Or twirl your fork into the prawn linguini, bursting with pan-fried tiger prawns and a medley of sundried tomatoes and spinach.

Post feast, lose yourself in the botanical paradise of The Lost Gardens of Heligan , uncover marine tales at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum, and marvel at the futuristic biomes of the Eden Project.

Falmouth's Flavours: Where the Ocean Meets the Palate

Dive into Falmouth, where maritime tales of yesteryears blend seamlessly with today's vibrant dining scene. From ship masts dancing in the harbour to tantalising dishes waiting on the plate, this town low-key serves culture with a side of modern charm.

At The Shack, traditional meets innovative. Their Fish & Chips? Picture golden beer-battered haddock, hand-cut chips that are crispy on the outside, soft inside, paired with nostalgic minted mushy peas and that classic tartare sauce we all crave. But wait, there’s a veggie plot twist: the Beer Battered Banana Blossom. Same setup, but this time with a banana blossom taking the stage. Over at Restaurant MINE, it's a culinary gem mine. The Pistachio Potato Cakes are a rich harmony of grilled celeriac, lush Cornish goat's cheese mousse, and that posh hint of truffle. As for the Baked Fillet of Hake? Think tender hake, grilled aubergine vibes, a dash of basil and piperade, crowned with a crispy brown shrimp fritter.

Got beach cravings? Gylly Beach Café rocks a seaside vibe with a side of delish. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast is all about that crispy spiced life. And the Cornish Steak Burger? Totally legendary with duchy game beef steak, saucy and cheesy goodness. INDIDOG Eatery on the Harbour sails the high seas of flavour. From the robust Chargrilled Beef Rump with its buttery corn sidekick to the Rare Breed Pork Fillet dancing with zesty coriander and chilli notes.

Post-nosh, channel those sea legs towards Gyllyngvase Beach. Explore the National Maritime Museum Cornwall or let Trebah Garden whisk you into a world of verdant tranquillity and history.

Truro's Tantalizing Tastes: A Gastronomic Getaway

If you haven't vibed with Truro yet, you're missing out big time. Picture this: Cornwall's only city, oozing cathedral town history, seamlessly blending ancient feels with some fresh, modern buzz.

First on the plate, we got Bodega 18 Tapas Bar. Their pisto manchego with quails egg? A legit game-changer. Imagine a classic La Mancha vegetable stew lounging on a bed of basil oil with a quail egg. And that tia’s slow-cooked pigs cheeks – pure foodie magic! Traditional slow-cooked pigs cheeks in Aunty Nines red wine gravy with confit garlic mash and spring onion.

Rolling into the plant-based realm, The Cornish Vegan is where the party’s at. Mushroom Fusion is all about crispy shrooms taking a deep dive in spicy oriental sauce, all while lounging on a bed of wholegrain rice. And those Loaded Tots? Think potato tots living their best life, swimming in "sheese" sauce, and flaunting some plant bacon bling and spring onion confetti. Make some room for Tabbs Restaurant though. Their Seared Medallions of Monkfish, Courgette and Turmeric, Cauliflower Cheese Puree, Duck Reduction are basically an ocean orchestra on a plate – and that Pan-fried Loin of Pork, Caponata, Tomatoes, Red Wine and Peppers? It's like the universe of taste on a single plate.

But don't just food coma out! Marvel at Truro Cathedral’s neo-Gothic swag, get lost (in a good way) in the Royal Cornwall Museum, or vibe with some performances at Hall for Cornwall.

Camborne: Mining Legacy, Modern Delights

Camborne got roots deep in mining, and boy, does it rock (pun intended)! From the clang of pickaxes to today's hip vibe, Camborne is like that old vinyl record that's got tunes for every gen.

Let's talk grub. The Shire Inn is dishing out classics with a twist. The 10oz Gammon Steak? Picture this: Juicy steak chilling under a sunny-side egg or rocking a cheesy pineapple hat, surrounded by a squad of grilled tomatoes, crispy onion rings, and, of course, those loyal chips and peas. And the New York Chicken? Think golden chicken goujons draped in BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, and a gooey cheese blanket, sidled up with chips and a fresh salad. Literal yum-town!

Craving spice? Sultanz Indian Restaurant has got you. Roshundaa is the kind of dish that makes you go “What’s that? I need more!” And Teekha Murg? It's that spicy kick you didn't know you needed. As for Chicken Silsila, it’s like a flavour party in your mouth. For the Thai-tantalizers out there, Thai in Town is serving up fire. Pla Rad Plik is all about that crispy white fish getting a spicy Thai glow-up. And the Curries Gaeng Keawwan? It’s coconutty, it’s spicy, it's herbaceous - it’s everything.

After that culinary whirlwind, chill out at Tehidy Park. Lush green, shimmering ponds, and whispers of yesteryears. Or find your zen at Trevenson Moor Limited, a haven of tranquillity and green dreams.

We've roamed countless miles, from coast to moor, and Cornwall low-key feels like that hidden album track you can't help but put on repeat. The culinary scene here is not just about pasties (though, trust me, they're legendary). It's the smoky aroma of a freshly grilled mackerel on a beachside barbie, the surprising tang of Cornish Yarg wrapped in nettles, and the modern twists on classic dishes that chefs in this region are acing. And let’s not forget those dreamy seafood shacks where the catch of the day is, well, the catch of the day.

But here's the vibe: It's not just about the food. Imagine devouring that plate of heaven while soaking in a sunset over St Ives or breathing in the misty legends of Bodmin Moor. Every bite feels like a love letter to the region's rich tapestry of flavours and tales. Look, from a bloke who's seen his fair share of eateries and views, Cornwall is that perfect blend of feast and vista. Dive into it, get your hands a little messy with that local crab, and let the county's magic whisk you away.

Must-Try Restaurants in Cornwall